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  1. Hello, sorry I saw your email address, I had this thread on my watch list here and got an email from W3G. I wish I had not seen it now I have to make a trip up to Dunkin Dough Nuts to get some. You see Jelly are my favorites. LOL
  2. Thanks for the insight, I was not sure if you had to work with a set size or not and have been reluctant to start trying to code a page and later finding out I had done it wrong with respect to this issue. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.Thanks again,Robert
  3. Hello all,I am Robert and am very new to all of this but want to learn, I am interested in learning XHTML, CSS, PHP, and possibly some other scripting lanuages. I see from reading all of the posts here I am a lot older than most of you, the last time I tried to learn any coding was almost at the dawn of computers. The PC was not even invented yet, the C programming language had not been yet been released and the only languages offered at the university I attended were Fortran IV and Cobol, that was back in 1971 and boy have things changed. The way they were teaching programming was pretty l
  4. Hello, I am new to developing a website and have a very fundamental question that I have not seen addressed any where yet. I have been studying a book titled "HTML,XHTML,ans CSS Bible by Bryan Pfaffenberger and three other authors along with tutorials here on W3Schools and have not seen any mention of how big a web page should be. I am talking about the physical dimensions in pixels or inches or what ever is the correct dimensions that are used, this shows you how new I am to all of this as I am not even sure what is normally used. Perhaps I have missed seeing this addressed and if so I apo
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