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  1. Thanks for all the help justsomeguy, I got it up and running, somewhat, its not 100% yet, but its a functional site nonetheless. This is my company's site, now with a catalog, no pics uploaded yet, but here is the LINK.Hopefully tomorrow I can start photographing parts and logging them into the database and get it fully functional.Thanks again,Josh
  2. Yeah I read through most of that, and found out what part of the scripts were for the shopping cart, and took out the parts I needed to take out the pricing. I still have to input each product with a price but the Users will never see it, the prices still show when I made a test order on my end but not to the person entering in his/her info.I still need to find the file(s) that contain the output text for the Shopping Cart label(s) and also change the buttons to not show it as a cart, but a req. list. I also need to manipulate the User Info page to show more relevant info for the company, as
  3. Thanks justsomeguy, I got a testing server setup finally, I used XAMPP to get Apache working, and I got MySQL and PHP with it, everything seems ok. I even got Shop-Script to work, now I need to find out how to alter it to not do a Shopping Cart but do an Inquiry/Requisition List instead.Josh
  4. Time isn't so much an issue justsomeguy, I just have nothing to do here at work and am trying to learn all I can so I can make some sort of progress. I got MySQL to work and am playing around with databases and tables and such. We have a server here at work but I want to setup a test server so I can keep myself from screwing with our work files on accident. I hear alot of people talking about Apache but I have tried about 3 or 4 times and the http://localhost/ is a error page for me, I download the one thats the .msi file and get it installing but it asks for a Domain Name, Server and email
  5. Thanks for the link but budget is going to be an issue, my bosses do not want me to list prices online, and do not want a "shopping cart". They do want the customer to be able to add a few products to a list, and then submit them to us for pricing and availability, a requisition essentially. It is not for the general public, we deal with other corporations, Georgia Pacific, Louisiana Pacific, Boise-Cascade, all plywood/particleboard/OSB mills, we just need this to be usable for them. I and everyone else here wants a K.I.S.S system, I don't want to reinvent the wheel, just the tire.Yesterday
  6. Hi all,Where I work we have a simple, very simple website, just links with text. I was presented with the task of creating a Catalog for our customers to view and inquire about pricing and availability. I suggested putting it online, rather than sending out a paper version, it would need updates and such and would cost us in paper and binding resources, where we already have decent webspace, and I think I am capable of learning to implement this, my bosses agree that an online version would be better since our customers (most of them) have access to the web.I didn't completely waste a full d
  7. Hi all,My name is Josh, I work at a manufacturing shop, we specialize in repair and manufacturing of parts and machinery for the Plywood and Panelboard Industry. The company was started a little over 40 years ago by my (step) grandfather (CEO), my father (GM) works there and got me the job 2 summers ago after a long stint in the Movie Theater business. I have a sporatic background in HTML and Programming of various sorts, but very basic knowledge nonetheless, a year of HTML my 10th grade year in High School, and a semester of Programming (QBasic) a couple years ago. Since then the most prog
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