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  1. user4fun


    I would like to change <img border="1" src="97765/img1.jpg" > to <<img border="1" src=" <? echo $folder ; ?> /img1.jpg" except I need it to work :-) Thank you
  2. user4fun


    I figured it out I am using the readline function, Thank you
  3. user4fun


    This is over my head but I am trying to learn lol the url has a value called mls $fold=$_GET["mls"];$file_array = parse_ini_file("$fold/housefile.ini");print_r $file_array; 1- It is not working for syntax error and I am sure it is in the $fold portion, but not sure how to fix it.2- I need to print the segments of the ini file as I call for them ini file hasName = JohnLocation = 6767 Green RiverPrice = $120,000 I would really like to be able toecho $Name and echo $Location etc etc in different places on the site as I call for them.Thank you so much. I know this is over my head, but I can learn so much from your help.I don'y mind if you just tell me if I am on the right track, or what functions in php should I research. Thx
  4. Excuse my simple question, would that be done using AJAX???
  5. Excellent. Thank you.I started reading about that. I wonder if segment the text fileExample a line for the project titleA paragraph for the project descriptiona a line for the project a manger name for example!Is that possible?Thx
  6. what is the best way to display the content of a .txt on a website example project_Disc.txt hasThis project is designed to develop etc etc etc on the html page, I want to recall the content of the project_Disc.txt file and display it where I want. Thank you Note, the site will eventually be mobile friendly. Thank you
  7. Thank you all for the help with this.1- I am not sure if I should use javascript or something else. The site will "apparently" become mobile friendly as go daddy says. 2- I am trying to make the page loads on big_pic as /img1.jpgon the click of img2 the big_pic would change to /img2.jpgif the user click on img1 the big_pic would become /img1.jpg again. (there are actually 6 pics, but I can duplicate the code) and so forth thank you so much <div class="big_pic"><div class="img"><img src="/img1.jpg" alt="Main Image" width="350" height="291"> <h1 class="pic_caption"> caption note </h1> <div class="img" align="center"><img src="img1.jpg" alt="Home Image1" width="110" height="90"><div class="pic_desc">Image 1 description</div></div><div class="img"><img src="img2.jpg" alt="Home Image2" width="110" height="90"><div class="pic_desc">Image 2 description </div></div>
  8. I apologies if this is the wrong place to post this.We are looking for someone to develope a simple project in JSP (basically a form with 3 to 4 text boxes). Would this be the right place to start looking for a professional developer.Thank you
  9. I know nothing about JAVA.I have a website that the user enteres a request for information about a fixed number of categories and when it is submitted, the information is pulled from a database and displayed.I just got introduced to Google App Engine. My goal is to have someting that would work on smart phones. Are my goals possible to mix the two together? can I make a java code for the form that retreives information and it would conside with Google App Engine service?Am I on the right track, or am I just getting confused?Where do I start to learn move about making a simple form in JAVA. The form will only have about two to three fields and a submit button.
  10. user4fun


    I forgot to thakn you for that earlier, I did use itand ti works great. I was trying to learn more things including the EXTRACT() and play arround with it to only pull out the year, then month, then day values independently to do more things with them.
  11. user4fun


    $x= $row['Ad_Start']; $y = date('Y', $x); echo $y;echo "<br>";echo $row['Ad_Start']; gives me19702012-08-29 // this is the orignal value.
  12. user4fun


    I tested itseveral time and came to this conclusionThe output is 1970 no matter what the value is. But then I print the original value right after taht, and itgive me the right one??
  13. user4fun


    I am starting to learn morewaht is wrong with this?$full= $row['Ad_Start']; $y = date('Y', $full); echo $y;// y is giving me 1970 which is not the year in $full??
  14. user4fun


    OK, that is giving me some more ideas. Just so I understand how can I convert the YYYY-MM-DD format that is pulled from the table to the Wed Aug 10,2011 format that the webpage will display?, and when the user entered 08-11-2011 it will be converted to 2011-08-11 format before it is stored?Thank you for all your help
  15. user4fun


    I have a form that allows the user to enter a date. This date is saved in an Mysql Table with the field type set to "date".It keeps saving the information in YYYY-MM-DD. Format.I need the user to enter the information in a simple format (ie MM-DD-YY. example 11-06-11)and when submitted, I need it to be stored as Tue Nov 6Please help.Starting point. Should I have dorp down boxes with all the weeks days, then another for the months, and another for the day? If so, will the information be stored in a manner that the php script can later compare dates?? and what if the user enters Tuesday Nov 6th, but november 6th is actually a wednesday?? I need it to be right.Thank you in advance.
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