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  1. Thank you very much Synook!This really helped.Regards,Gerben
  2. Thank you Synook!It think I get the idea:1. Upload file in PHP2. Edit the data in JavaScript (I allready got the JavaScript)3. Output the XML-file in PHP.Do you know a place where I can find example code for this. This would really help.Regards,Gerben
  3. Hello,I have made a WebService in HTML & JavaScript. The user can edit data in this WebService, but before that a XML-file must be loaded. After the user has edited the data, the XML-file has to be saved.I want to let the user load a local (on local hard-drive) XML-file and after editing, save the XML-file to the local hard drive.My question is: how can I do that, without having security problems in the browser?Thanks in advance!Regards,Gerben
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