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  1. Thanks. I was trying to avoid jw support. they are kind of tired of me by now - with good reason, i admit... But I had the problem previously with the fast-forward-rewind buttons, and they work fine now., so I was hoping it was just another piece of punctuation I missed.
  2. I have a page that uses a lot of js buttons to control a media player (jwplayer v5, but the player is not the issue.). The goal is to play random songs from multiple albums.Everything works great in all browsers except for iOS. There are two volume button images that add or subtract 5 to the volume. They work on everything but my iPad, though the iPad sees them - the alert test shows the command is being called, but the volume does not change.)The page is at http://www.thesoundsmith.com/radio.htm but it is normally only accessed by a link from the main menu at http://www.thesoundsmith.com/ind
  3. I have been swapping out pieces of that page for the last hour, you probably saw it during that mess (with no success.) It just does not seem to execute the code. Here is the deCod in situ: <script type="text/javascript">/* <![CDATA[ */function nuStyle (myStyle) {var theStyle = myStyle ;var curStyle =document.getElementById("container");var nuScript=curStyle.getElementsByTagName("script");function deCod(linkStr){var str=linkStr;return str.replace(/DAKa/g,"&");} This: <li><a id="btn1" class="button3" title="Buy this Song" onclick="window.open(jwplayer(container).getP
  4. There are typically two ampersands in a link &cpath and &product, I had already tried your first option and it only catches the first &. The expression str.replace(/DAKa/g,"&")creates the proper string, I just can't get the calling function to see/use the return string, it just appears to do nothing, rather than link to the shopping cart page.
  5. Interesting approach, thanks. What I have done in the meanwhile is to alter the XML <link> data, replacing the '&'s with the phrase 'DAKa'. The file loads flawlessly, but i can't quite figure out how to roll the replacement back into the command. function deCod(linkStr){var str=linkStr;return str.replace(/DAKa/g,"&");} The first command works correctly with a normal (unencoded) link. The second line should decode the link, but I can't figure out the syntax - just a replace, but I'm obviously doing it wrong. <ul><li><a id="btn1" class="button3" title="Buy this
  6. OK, I'm back to this same issue: Internet Explorer... But the issues take forever to catch up. IE now recognizes the indentical XML files under new name, though it tool over 24 hours to do so (I cannot find a "clear cache" command in IE.) So I'm back trying to figure out - not how th\o solve the problem but what the ACTUAL problem is. Some files can be added to the XML list without issue, many other, apparently r\equivalent files cause loading issues. It may be just another 24-hour cache thing, so I've got to play some more to see what is in common.. If you have suggestions how to turn this ar
  7. Wait, guys, the XML files are from the wrong dataset, this is the older data. Ignore this thread for now, please.
  8. I have narrowed the options down to one - something wierd in parsing the XML file. The symptoms are currently this: The page works correctly in FF, Chrome and iOS, but not IE. The playlists are all created from the one XML file that loads properly in IE - the rest simply are created by removing items from the list. I tried several things to find the error - first, I copied the file and set all the & and ; chars to just text, so the link is invalid, but the XML checker could scan the files (all I wanted was to validate the <title></title> type matching tags. No errors, all the t
  9. When I do that, the link does not function. This is a series of 242 Zencart page addresses. In the current version of the system, they all work, if I encapsulate anything, or alter the link info in any way it fails. All I am trying to do is find bug in the file(s) I apparently have a typo or missing.malformed element in 1700+ lines of xml, and I guess I need to create a workaround file that will let me use the checker to find the problem. Thanks. I think I know what to do, but if it still fails, I'll be back...
  10. I have a page that swaps out titles, text and XML playlist files to play music selections.I have it working fine in Chrome and FF, but iOS and IE don't get it. Especially confusing is IE - i have copied the laylist to all lists, so it is always identical. But ONLY the "jazz" list loads and plays fine, the others go into limbo - they appear to have loaded, but not selected anything (as opposed to not loading at all or creating an error msg.) It appears that there is a bug in the XML playlists somewhere, but I cannot check it - all the XML checkers I've tried stop at a link fragment that include
  11. Thanks. And for the link as well.Useful vinfo, much appreciated. I keep thinking I'm done, but then there's "one more thing" I want to do, and... Do I need the education.
  12. The page now WORKS perfectly, but I get w3c errors, it doesn't like my loop. for (var i=0; i<20; i++) { document.getElementById('p'+i).style.backgroundColor = bgClr; } if (prevPg<19) { document.getElementById('p'+prevPg).style.backgroundColor = myPrvClr; } if (nxtPg>0) w3c checker wants <, which will not compute. It doesn;yt like "<", but it's fine with ">"It recommends checking for unclosed quotes, but I don't see anything wrong.The whole page, again, is at http://www.thesoundsmith.com/hmd2CLR.htm
  13. Aha. Thanks. Found a couple others as well, I think of ID as double capped... Got it all working now, thank you.
  14. Thanks, justsomeguy. That was my plan, to simply track the last selected rather than loop, but I first am just trying to get the color change to work. I implemented getElementByID (and tried the others, as well). I reset the last-viewed page back to the original colo as well, and the oldPg variable has its correct value; but there is still no change to the background. Sorry, what am I missing? It all parses, but does not perform. var hiddenArrayIndex = 0; var myIndex = 0; var PageNum = 1; var thisID = 'pg'; var prevPg = 0; // prev page link color var nxtPg = 2; // next
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