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  1. I don't know how to close a normal variable in php... but - for example - in ASP it is done by setting your variable_name equal to nothing ex :<%Dim name''the use of the variable...'set name = nothing%>
  2. Yeah, I thought about this... thanks for help anyway
  3. mysql_close() php function is used to close the database server connection, it is like when you assign something to a variable and then empty this variable so that you free the memory resources ( because any variable you open, takes a place in the memory )... I suggest that you close everything you start, it is like a better programming practice...
  4. ok thanks, but that will work fine i guess if i download the developer edition software ( which its size is 317 MB i guess and my connection speed isn't that fast so... )isn't there a quicker method ?
  5. Is there anyone who knows how to configure apache ( on windows ) so that it runs ColdFusion scripts ?or simply, how can i run Coldfusion scripts on my windows localhost ? ( maybe by installing ColdFusion MX ? but i don't want to install the whole software, i just want the HTTP Server that can run the CFM script ) any help would be appreciated
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