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  1. As far as I can tell this seems to be working, could you by any chance just check it to make sure there are no other nooby mistakes please? _IG_FetchContent('http://www.telegraph.co.uk/', function (holiday) {var hol = holiday.indexOf("matt_hol.gif");if (hol > -1){_gel ('title').innerHTML = "<img src=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/portal/graphics/TargetedContent/images/matt_hol.gif />";}else{_gel ('title').innerHTML = "<img src=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/portal/graphics/TargetedContent/images/matt.gif />";}}); Thanks again ingolme for you help, you're a star!
  2. I'm an idiot - the "<" needs to be a ">".Problem solved EDIT:Just seen your post ingolme. I didn't realise it returns -1 if the is no result, I assume I can do: if (hol>-1) Or can you not use -1 in that?
  3. Right, so I have to put the img tags in _IG_FetchContent('http://www.telegraph.co.uk/', function (holiday) {var hol = holiday.indexOf("matt_hol.gif");if (hol<0){_gel ('title').innerHTML = "<img src=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/portal/graphics/TargetedContent/images/matt_hol.gif />";}else{_gel ('title').innerHTML = "<img src=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/portal/graphics/TargetedContent/images/matt.gif />";}}); I still have a problem with the if statement however.The variable hol is definately greater than zero (it's like 3241), so why would it be displaying the second image?
  4. I was thinking something like this: // Get the data from site_IG_FetchContent('http://www.telegraph.co.uk/', function (holiday) {// Get the Url of Imagevar hol = holiday.indexOf("matt_hol.gif");if (hol<1){_gel ('title').innerHTML = "http://www.telegraph.co.uk/portal/graphics/TargetedContent/images/matt_hol.gif";}else{_gel ('title').innerHTML = "http://www.telegraph.co.uk/portal/graphics/TargetedContent/images/matt.gif";}}); I have tested it, and I get a number for variable hol, but the if statement doesn't seem to be working.If I use the _gel function to output hol then it displays the number - it just doesn't like the image...
  5. Hi again, back with another question:Is there a way to do this with an image which is in a div without an ID assigned to it?It's in a class, but many other images are in divs with the same class.The image in question is:...matt_hol.gif / ...matt.gifwhich you can find on the main page here:http://www.telegraph.co.ukThe reason for this is depending if he goes on holiday, the image changes to alert people the writer is on holiday.This way users won't worry if they see the same cartoon for a few days in a row.I was thinking I could perhaps do a search of the whole page for the two terms "matt.gif" or "matt_hol.gif" and display the one it finds?Not sure if it's the most effective way or not.Cheers...
  6. YOUR A GENIUS! Now just to implement it into my actual page and I am nearly done.Thank you so much for all your wonderful help. You have taught me some great techniques for finding problems.I really appreciate your time, thanks again...
  7. Well we are getting there! :)I had a go editing the style.css, and if I made the #page div have a set height then the background image would work fine.So the only question now is - why does the #page div not automatically expand with all the content which is "supposedly" in it?Link: http://red88music.co.uk/Red_88v6.htmStyle.css: http://red88music.co.uk/style.css
  8. OK, I messed up the commenting a little Try this one: http://red88music.co.uk/Red_88v5.htmCheers!
  9. Ok, I think that's all the commenting for the divs: http://red88music.co.uk/Red_88v4.htmThanks very much mate
  10. I am doing that now, but a search in notepad found 32 "<div" and 32 "</div", so I think there's enough of each.Can opening/close mismatches mean anything else other than divs?Also, when I open up the file in dreamweaver, it's like the #page div just isn't expanded...
  11. Hi aspnetguy,Ahh yes - thanks for the clarification.Small problem:I was toying around with this idea earlier, and here are the results -Original: http://red88music.co.uk/Red_88v1.htm <div=id"page"> <div=id"Header"></div> <div=id"Footer"></div></div> Edited Header (Which works): http://red88music.co.uk/Red_88v2.htm <div=id"Header"></div><div=id"page"> <div=id"Footer"></div></div> Edited Header & Footer (All goes wrong): http://red88music.co.uk/Red_88v3.htm <div=id"Header"></div><div=id"page"></div><div=id"Footer"></div> I can't work out why the last one just kills the page?Thanks for all the help so far btw...
  12. Hi newseed,Well I have tried moving things and I can "bump the header up" as such, but the #page background just extends with it.I think I know what the problem is however:Because the #header and #footer are all in the #page div, and the #page div has the repeating background then it just repeats behind them.(I applogise for my lack of being able to explain things very clearly).Solutions I can think of?: Find a way of having the background image of #page start to display x pixels down. Like position the background image (not sure if this is possible). Move the #Header and the #Footer out of the #Page div, and then they won't have the background behind them. Hide the #Header and #Footer, and just insert images above and below the page What do you think?Thanks again newseed...
  13. Hi,My problem is that the image which gets repeated up and down my page is peeking through from behind my footer and header.You can see the problem clearly by visiting my website and scrolling down to the bottom / up to the top:http://red88music.co.ukI have tried putting padding and margins on just about everything to no avail.Any ideas?Thanks,Panda
  14. Holy *smurf*...IT WORKS!!! Dude, you are a bloody legend. Thanks so much for all your help.I have learned a lot from you. Now to find some other projects I can continue to learn from :)Thanks again mate...
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