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  1. Thanks a lot Krewe and ShadowMage, nothing better to get so good explanation. That's why this is the best w3c school
  2. Oh i see what is the difference!So if I have1.- <div> <header><h1>Lorem</h1> <p>Lorem ipsum...</p></header></div>2.- <div> <h1>Lorem</h1> <p>Lorem ipsum...</p></div>In CSSdiv p {color:red;} ORdiv > p {color:red;}The first CSS rule is going to set red to all <p> element inside the div so p in 1 and 2 are going tobe red but with the second rule just p in 2 is going tobe red!Now I see that inside and parent are not the same thing.
  3. speculumcm

    div p vs div>p

    element element div p Selects all <p> elements inside <div> elements 1 element>element div>p Selects all <p> elements where the parent is a <div> element 2 So, what's the difference between this two selectors? Seems that inside and parent is the same isn't?
  4. boen_robot, you are solid ROCKS! Thank you so much the script works like a charm!
  5. Hello everyone, Might be this is a dumb question but I'm trying to use SimpleXML extension to get some RSS Feeds come in and displaying in a website, is there a way to limit the amount of RSS Feeds come in?The script that I'm using is: <?phpfunction getFeed($feed_url) { $content = file_get_contents($feed_url); $x = new SimpleXmlElement($content); echo "<ul>"; foreach($x->channel->item as $entry) { echo "<li><a href='$entry->link' title='$entry->title'>" . $entry->title . "</a></li>"; } echo "</ul>";}?> The script works good but don't
  6. Then this is a bug or a security hole, I know some forums can be configured to not allow new registers to pming or write links till certain amount of days and number of post in the forum in order to avoid spammers. Although it's the first time I've received this kind of message but who knows it's like a warning message to the admin don't you think?
  7. Yep, you're right! I've received one from this &%@... fortunately it was blocked by NoScript. Thank you for ALERT US!!Although I'm wondering how this guy could break the security of this forum? Kindest Regards
  8. speculumcm


    That's just recommended if you're on ISO-8859-1 not in UTF-8. Better suggestion is what jlhaslip already did Although I use Notepad++
  9. You're right, unfortunately in Spanish that sounds like an "albur" But in English sounds good: dev-web-q or devwebq and sure many people would understand what it stands for That's why Spanish it's not good writing about technology Cheers!
  10. Lucky you guys that can write short domain names in English. In spanish that's quite a bit difficult just like desarrollowebdequeretaro.com.mx which are just three words. Phew it awful!
  11. speculumcm

    What not to do

    Hey, nobody has mentioned cloaking, So do not display different content to users than to bot.
  12. You can change the configuration settings using php_value directives in Apache configuration files (e.g. httpd.conf) and .htaccess files.How to change configuration settingsOn the other hand we have Setting Environment VariablesEnvironment Variables in ApacheSo I was curious if there would be any difference in performance. May be nothing really important but it was just a doubt.Thankx anyway
  13. Hello every one,I've been serching to try to find out what could be the difference between SetEnv TZ and php_value date.timezone. Since my share webserver has suPHP installed I cannot use php_value so:Which directive could perform better or is it the same no matter what being used?Cheers,Speculumcm
  14. Right it crashed!Also there's more:http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=1843Google’s shiny new Web browser is vulnerable to a carpet-bombing vulnerability that could expose Windows users to malicious hacker attacks.Have you heard it?
  15. Yup! I found it very positive as well, specially when we're talking about a first release beta version.Nice blog btw.
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