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  1. Okay, so I've more or less achieved exactly what I wanted to do, with the exception of the fade-out for the opacity on the glow/blur. I think that may a limitation of the browser i'm using since the pc i'm working on is rather outdated. Either way, I'm okay with the results until i can compare on a newer machine. Attached the updated html/css files. index2.html dk-anim2.css
  2. [UPDATED IN ANSWERS] Attached updated files. I'm trying to extend a rather well-used animation formula using css. To start, here's the basic animation: http://www.daellusknights.com The banner text is set to a specific rotation, Animation 1. (two instances) Likewise, the "glow" effect is also animated. (Animation 2) What my goal is, the "layers" of each word are going to be statically faded out by setting each layer slightly more transparent than the one before it. This includes setting the text, stroke, and glow opacity. I'm using "h1:nth-child(#){code}" to set the primary properties of each layer such as Z-offset, etc. This is not a problem for making a transparency fade with the letters themselves. What I want to do is also apply the same transparency fade to the glow, but still have the colors animated. Is there a shorthand way to do this, or will it be necessary to synchronize a separate animation for each layer of the block of text? Each with it's own color animation, but with a set opacity? Thank you in advance! Christopher W. index.html dk-anim.css
  3. SOLVED For whatever reason there was an "overflow: hidden;" declaration in the w3.css for the w3-bar class. As soon as I removed that, it started working in Chrome, and then in Edge once I added back in the Stickyfill script.
  4. For whatever reason, anytime I use "position: sticky" in whatever form whether it's browser supported or through the Stickyfill.js it breaks the w3-bar navigation menu. w3schools.com obviously has a way to make it work. But I can't. Sticky off - dropdown menu works perfect. Stick ON and the menu button clicks but the dropdown content is not displayed. Or at the very least it's not visible if it is. http://dev.daellusknights.com/index.html <-- Sticky ON (broken) http://dev.daellusknights.com/index2.html <-- Sticky OFF (works) Is this a known issue or am I just missing something. Currently working with MS Edge and latest Chrome on Win 10 Pro (dev)
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