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  1. Thanks dsonesuk, I will give that a try. Although, the nbsp character worked out great!
  2. Ohhhh thanks davej. I never even thought to use nbsp character. That actually worked great. Thanks for your help. It was so simple.
  3. I understand what they do. It's just to know where I have to place them.
  4. Can you pretend that you are explaining it to a 5 year old? As in, where am I suppose to put the code and, oh ya, what would the coding be? I'm guessing I have to put p { padding-left: 80px; } somewhere but since I am still learning...
  5. This is my text (I use Wordpress for the website): Seca 674 <a href="" target="_blank">Information</a> I want to know what I can use to add a decent space between Seca 674 and Information (which is the link). Nothing of what you said makes much sense to me. Sorry.
  6. Hi, I just need a simple code to add space between words. I have some text above a pic so I would like one word to align to the left and the other to the right. So it would be (if you refer to the image) Seca 674 Information. One of my words is actually a link to another page though so not sure what I can use. I thought of using <p>...</p> but then the height spacing is too big (like the top image in the picture attached). Help! Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
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