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  1. thank u, I guess that solved.
  2. so have u any idea about how to give a width to them?
  3. Hello again, in above codes I can't style width of <div id="namea/famia/bda/bca/.."> elements, u know why?
  4. so I did like that and it is not what I wanted, or you mean, is that wrong like this?
  5. here is my codes: html: php: u see boxes are untidy, Can u help me?
  6. I did it but I want to locate each input box(like email:) exactly under it's top input box(like family name:)/other elements, but I dont't know how to do, u know?
  7. hello, can you help me to style my registration form? i can't organize my form to locate all input boxes and other things like radios and selets and ... exactly under each other vertically in a line, what do i most?
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