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  1. Hi,What html code would be required to add to to website to add things like privacy policy, contact us and disclosure pages?I am adding these to my website as a legal necessity but am unsure of the HTML code. I have however had the pages created all I need to do now is add the link to them at the bottom of my website page.CheersSimon
  2. One more thing....What's the HTML code for aligning the header to the center?I tried putting in the align="center" but this didnt have an effect.
  3. Hi guys,Thanks for your help both of you. I have managed to get this sorted and up and running.I really appreciate the help you two have given me Have a look if you like www.antispywareservices.com Simon
  4. Hi shonumi, I have just tried this and unfortunately it has made things worse. I cant even see my website now.I tried it like this <img src="http://www.antispywareservices.com/antispywareheader1.jpg alt="antispywareheader" width="750" height="120"> This was originally what I was trying to do. Im not sure what relative paths are. Could you give me an example or explanation? How do you make sure they are both in the same directory. My computer seems to be anti graphics for some reason.
  5. Hello,I have been trying to add an image thats on my computer to an HTML file I am creating. Without success! The file im trying to upload is saved in Jpg format called antispywareheader1.jpg It's meant to be a header banner for my product comparison page im creating.This is the code im using in my html document.<img src="antispywareheader1.jpg" width="750" height="120">I've been trying all sorts to make it work but it just comes up with a empty box with the little red cross in it!What am I doing wrong?Help would be appreciated.ThanksSimon
  6. Hi DD,Yes thats exactly it.To give you an example of what I am trying to do I'll write the code here. <html><head><title>this is the title</title></head>With the title section im trying to get it separated to the rest of the page. Like for example the W3Schools home page where the title is sectioned off from the rest of the page. Does that make sense?<h2> welcome to my page!</h2><p>some text. some text. some text</p> Cheers,Simon
  7. Hi Everyone,I am currently building a website to promote a product im affiliated with. I've got a question. How do you seperate the Title from the rest of the document? Im trying to get it sectioned off from the rest of the page as it looks more professional.Is is something to do with the <framset row> tag? What exactly would I need to do?Any help would be appreciated.Simon
  8. Hi Everyone,My name is Simon and I have been using W3schools for about 1 month now. I am an aspiring Internet Affiliate Marketer and found this website after being refered to it. I started using this site because I wanted to learn how to create a website from scratch. If im going to be an Affiliate Marketer I needed to be able to know how to build product comparison sites to increase my converstions of sales using Google Adwords. I have just finished the HTML Tutorial and am now going onto XHTML and then CSS and from there i'll see just what else I need to know! I just wanted to say thanks to
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