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  1. Thing is the slideshow is built in the theme... It is not set from a plugin...
  2. Hello, I have another issue. I am using wordpress to build a new website. The theme has a slide show which loads its pictures from the featured images of my pages. I would like to hide a certain featured image of a certain page whilst I still have it on the slideshow. Is this possible?? Thank you in advance!
  3. Just added it like this. Now everything is exactly like I want it! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! .breadcrumb-wrap li.trail-item.trail-end { display: none; }
  4. Hello I need to remove a certain part on my page. Here is the link of the page. http://communityofsol.gr/?page_id=139 You see a brown canvas. In the canvas it says "Παροχές υπηρεσιών σε απόρους" , Below it, it says Home / Παροχές υπηρεσιών σε απόρους. I need to remove everything after Home ( what you see in bold). PLEASE assist me because I have a deadline and I need to do it! Thank you in advance!
  5. I am not familiar with writing code. Could you write down exactly what I need to add to the stylesheet.css?
  6. background-color: #1c1c1c; line-height: 35px; padding: 15px 0; position: static;
  7. Hello... I have a footer that won't stick to the bottom of the page. On laptops it looks like it is on the bottom but when I check the site on bigger screens it shows higher. I have uploaded a pic with the problem. Thank you in advance.
  8. Can you please show me exactly where to add the code you have posted? before the one I have posted or should I erase mine and write yours?
  9. Hello! As you can see on my site there are three sections that include members with pictures. I need to only remove the middle one ( I have uploaded a picture that shows the exact section). I have located the point where the code is but I am not sure of what I should delete for I am afraid it might break the site. The website is www.gpseminars.gr and here is the part of the code I believe needs to be modified. <!--- ============ STAFFS =========== ------------> <div class="clear"></div> <div id="staff-box-item"> <h2 class="boxtoptitle" ><
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