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  1. Ok let me describe. please ignor my question and check these 2 files. in these file i have a plugin to add payment gateway for woocommerce. after installation plugin will show on woocommerce like this (check "gateway.png" ). Now i want when user fill cradit card details and click checkout (check "checkout.png"). the payment automatically transfer to my any bank account. in these files where i can mention this ?? Sorry my English is not good. also ignor the name UBL :-( woocommerce-ubl.php woocommerce-ubl-gateway.php
  2. How can i integrate UBL Bank or any Bank Payment gateway in woocommerce. I have complete API details provided by bank
  3. Dear Thanks for reply i have change ID's, also change attribute checked to selected. Can you please give me a example how can i loop through $_POST in my Quiz Form..?
  4. I have a question form which have many question with select option of yes or no i need help. for example Question no 1 have 3 options which have 3 select field of yes or no <br><div class="form-group"> 1. <label for="q1"> Are you presently taking Tobacco/Alcohol/Drugs/Medicines in any form during the past 12 months? </label><br> Insured: <select name="q1opt1" data-placeholder="" class="flat-select" id="q1" type="select"> <option value="Yes" checked>Yes</option> <option value="No">No</option> </select> Spouse:
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