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  1. Hi,In your CSS you have this: .subscribe-to-comments {width:500px;display:relative;} There is no such value for the display property.. I think that's the problem..Complements,webflex
  2. Hi,Maybe he doesn't have a DOCTYPE...Complements,webflex
  3. Hi,The topic says it very cleary: "Uploading A .txt File To A Public Html Folder". I think our friend wrote it in the wrong way: Complements,webflex
  4. webflex


    Nice idea..Have to try it.Complements,webflex
  5. Hi,In my Safari it worked very fine..But in my FF 3.0.4 didn't appear the images on the top, only the first image, but the redimension worked like a smooth..Complements,webflex
  6. Hi, You need to have some attention when putting the window with a minimal size.. Hope you understood my English .Complements,webflex
  7. webflex

    Place on Top

    Hi,I also agree with our friend Jerry62704, you have to concentrate in semantic code, you have a tag for X function, another for another function, more and more..Complements,webflex
  8. webflex


    Hi,I also one time had that experience..Complements,webflex
  9. Hi,Ingolme has wrote it all.:hover isn't only for links.Complements \o/
  10. webflex

    div problem

    Hi,For that use a script like JavaScript or PHP.Dont ask me what script, but there are a lot of them over the internet.Complements \o/
  11. Hi,Next time just use the search engine :)There is a lot of very good things here.Complements \o/
  12. Hi,Why not use conditional coments? Waybe its the best way to resolve your problem.Cumps \o/
  13. webflex

    Image Saver

    Hi,I didn't understand your problem. I made what you said and only apeard the content on the right and side.Complements \o/
  14. Hi, I dont recomend you to use absolute positioning, use relative in my opinion is the best . You can have many problems with the position absolute..Complements \o/
  15. Hi,Thats the best way indeed, but you can also create a JavaScript file witch will scan what browser the user is using and than would load the correct CSS file according to the browser that user is using.Complements \o/
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