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  1. Hi dsonesuk, I finally found how to solve my z-index problem : I just have to put "!important" after my z-index value and that's all ^^ In any case, thank you for your help 🙂 🙂
  2. That's what I did ... But nope ...
  3. I tried, it worked at 50%. I think that my problem comes from the css file that I use... So can't do anything ^^ but thanks anyway 😃 Maxi_Mega
  4. Hello everyone, I was searching for a technique to make an element on my html page staying at the same place even if we scroll the page. I found 2 methods : This one and this one. What is the difference between these two techniques ? (apart from how it's coded) Also, I have a problem with these methods : when we scroll down, it stay at the same place - that's nice - but the rest of the page goes in front of my sticky element and not behind, like it does on the two methods I mentioned before. Have anyone an answer to my to questions ?
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