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  1. So sir what should we do for computers and laptop and I think it must be a way for this job. Can you tell me exactly how can we do it?
  2. Hello everyone I want to make a login page and I want to connect it with loptop or mobile fingerprint scanner and people can login with their fingerprint. Can anyone help me what should I do?
  3. I mean I want to encrypt my codes to nobody can recognize what is it.
  4. Hello guys I need a software or a site that is free or cheap not like Zend guard and stuff it is about 600$ but I need something free or till 50$. I want to encode my PHP codes in a good way and it will be hard to encode it actually 99% of people should could't decode it. Thanks
  5. Yes sir this code is notworking we should first the code that you wrote and the problem is in the bootstrap files it must has a change. Can you check the bootstrap files?
  6. The html code is this : <div class="form-group"> <label class="col-sm-4 control-label">Checkbox inputs</label> <div class="col-sm-8"> <div class="checkbox check-transparent"> <input type="checkbox" value="1" id="opt01" checked> <label for="opt01">Option 1</label> </div> <div class="checkbox check-transparent"> <input t
  7. Thanks sir Yeah it is web and can you tell me how can I use local storage I mean can you give me the codes (sourse)? And it seems to me that you are so expert can you give your Telegram Number/ID or Whatsapp ? I will be thank if you do this
  8. No sir I mean for example I have a program that is on web or android no different that people want to register on that they fill the fields and then they send the form but on that time they have no internet when they connected to the Internet the form will be sent to the server. What should I do for this?
  9. No I don't mean that did you see Telegram , Whatsapp and ... when we don't have Internet and we send message they hold the message and when we connect to the Internet they send the message. How can I make something like this by coding?
  10. Hello guys I have a program actually I made it and it works online actually we can use it in host or servers but I want to know can we do something that we can use it offline but in offline web we can do whatever it has for example using all the feature. Thank you if you answer this question
  11. armandesigner

    Css problem

    Hello guys I have a question about CSS: 1.What is the different between these things: div>p {background-color: yellow;} div p {background-color: yellow;} ---------------------------------------------------------- 2.And what is the different between these things: :root {background-color: yellow;} * {background-color: yellow;} ---------------------------------------------------------- 3.And what is this: ::selection ---------------------------------------------------------- I will be happy if you answer me.
  12. Hello everyone can anyone tell me how can I get a real Free Certificate from anywhere online? For example can I get W3school's Certification for free ? because I don't have that much money.
  13. Hello guys I have some questions about CSS: What is the different between these codes: div[class*="value"] div[class$="value"] div[class^="value"] Thanks guys
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