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  1. Again, i sincerely appreciate your help and knowledge. Thank you very much! ~bex
  2. Hello again. I have a follow-up question — is there a limit to the number of slides that i can include in the slideshow? The slideshow seems to work if i include only 10 slides, but if i add more than that, and it doesn't work all the way through. I've added 15 images to my slideshow. If I click the right arrow and try to advance to the 11th slide, instead of going to the 11th slide, it jumps back to slide #2 and starts over - it never gets to the rest of the slides. I can click on the dots for those slides and see them, but not by using the right arrow. I am wondering if my numberin
  3. THANK YOU!! - this is EXACTLY what I needed!! I am still learning, I know that I have a long way to go. I am VERY appreciative of your time and expertise. ~bex
  4. I have referenced the W3 slideshow tutorial here and added two slideshows to my web page using Dreamweaver. I understand that the Javascript needs to be edited to accommodate 2 slideshows (divs vs. classes i think?), and I have tried to follow the instructions given here in order to edit it. Both of my slideshows seem to work independently now, but i can't figure out how to edit the Javascript to make the dots work right. The hover color works (red), but on the second slideshow, the dots do not turn red as the slideshow is advanced. I know very little about Javascript and I have gon
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