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  1. Well... leave it to me to "break it"... lol Thanks for your help!
  2. When I included the <> ' ' clause, I got two results. Both of which I know are valid. However, when I added the clause, I got NULL in the last two columns without column names. I find that strange. I would think that I would at least get a column name. Did I do something wrong? Here is my updated statement: SELECT TABLE1.`handle`, TABLE1.`Variant SKU`, TABLE1.`Variant Barcode`, TABLE2.`Variant SKU`, `TABLE2`.`Variant Barcode` FROM TABLE1 inner JOIN TABLE2 on TABLE1.`Variant SKU` = TABLE2.`Variant SKU` and TABLE1.`Variant SKU` <> ' ' and TABLE2.`Va
  3. What the ???? I have no idea what you are talking about. I am here to solve a problem. Why in the world would you even bring up SPAM links in my signature. Obviously I am not a pro like you, and that is WHY I am here. It has been years since I done anything with SQL. And when I did, about 10 years ago, it was on the IBM AS400 platform. I wish I would have kept my notes. If I would have, I wouldn't be here. I appreciate any and all help that I can get. Maybe one day it will all come back to me. Sorry to be a burden by asking questions.
  4. Alright, I got the (‘) removed from all of the files. So, I have the same fields in both tables now. In Table 1 there are 46 columns, and in Table 2 there are 4 columns. · Handle (Product name) (Table 1 & Table 2) · Vendor (Table 1 & Table 2) · Variant SKU (Table 1 & Table 2) · Variant Barcode (Table 1 & Table 2) · Table 1 has 867 records (see screenshot) Table 2 has 552 records (see screenshot) However, when I use the following statement, I got I get 17172 results which I have no idea how that i
  5. I have no control over the ' being inserted. It is exported from our system in that manner for whatever reason. I have researched this issue and it seems to be a common issue with Excel and CSV files. Not a single one of the proposed solutions works for removing the '. Is there a way to truncate the ' out?
  6. I have provided a couple of screen shots. Hopefully this is what you are looking for as far as data. Also, how do I remove the ‘ from the beginning of the SKU’s and the Barcodes? I imported a CSV file and for some reason it tends to do that when it feels like it, but not all the time. Table 1 is first and then Table 2.
  7. I am trying to do a JOIN on two tables. Table 1 has these fields: - Handle - Variant SKU - Variant Barcode Table 2 has these fields: - SKU - Barcode - Brand - Description SELECT TABLE1.`handle`, TABLE1.`Variant SKU`, TABLE1.`Variant Barcode`, TABLE2.`SKU`, TABLE2.Barcode FROM TABLE1 inner JOIN TABLE2 When I run the statement above, I get the same Variant SKU for every result while the SKU from Table 2 is unique as it should be. Not only that, but the handle (which is the produ
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