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  1. I have used combo boxes for years in Access and the 'select' element on an html form is similar. All of the tutorials on w3 show how to fill the 'options' with literal values, but I would like to have the options be filled from a table in a database so the user can select one. I know this is probably a cross-topic item and I have an idea of how to go about it using javascript, php and sql, but I thought I'd ask if anyone knew of a procedure which is already created for this. In Access you just enter the row source for the combo box and the options are there - is there any kind of construc
  2. I'm learning php & sql. I can do the programming and logic, but how to put it all together is where I get confused. I have copied, from the w3 tutorial, the php form validation complete, and it worked fine. I have also used the php/sql database tutorial to copy the 'insert into' code and it works fine with a Db I set up on the local host. Now I would like to save the info in the form to a database table, but I'm not sure where to insert the code to connect to the database. I tried just adding the code at the bottom of the 'Form Complete' code but it didn't seem to take - no error co
  3. I am learning a lot about html,css,js,php,sql etc, but it seems like I don't have a solid grasp on which language to use where; like should I use the DOM with JavaScript to read an XML file, or should I use PHP to get info from a SQL database. It seems like it jumps around from jQuery to Ajax to SQL all in the same example. Can anyone recommend a book or article to kind of tie it all together or does w3schools have more along these lines. Thank you any advice you can offer to help me out.
  4. Hey iwato, thanx for your quick response - I only had time to have a sandwich. I thought that 'XMLHttpRequest' was a reserved word - as a constructor or like. I will give it a whirl and let you know. How do I award a trophy. I asked another responder how to mark a post as answered and he said people just change the title of their request to 'solved'. Can you give me a heads up on that? thanks, Gil I have changed the variable names to separate the 2 functions. Still the same - I see what you were saying, but I figured one function would be done before the other took effect. He
  5. Hi, I've made an html page that invokes a function automatically ( using the parentheses b/4 & after ) to make a table from an XML file. It worked great with a little help from you guys. I then made another one to read a different XML file and that worked great. I want to put both tables on the same page so I made a couple of 'divs' and positioned each in a column formation. That part seems to work well, but I am calling the 2 functions to make the tables consecutively and it doesn't work as I wanted. When I open this file in a browser, as it is here, I get only the second table in
  6. Thank you so much for your reply. Sorry it took so long to get back to you - it seems I don't get an email when someone replies. Both of your answers worked out perfectly and I can now do the XML with no problems. Just for future reference, I don't know why the file I copied came out like triple spaced. I copied and pasted - is there a better way? And I don't see where to mark this question as answered. In other forums they usually have a button right here that says 'answered'. Thanx again dsonesuk!
  7. Hi, I've read the json tutorial on w3 website, and just have one question which makes a huge difference in the way I create the layout of my json file. All the examples they gave had a very short json file to read, but how does a json file look when you're trying to read many records. Does each httpRequest read the whole file from one first '{' to the last '}' and that's it. Or, if there are several, {'s will it return each one as an object. It was unclear to me from the tutorials. Specifically, If I had a database with 10 records and 5 fields in each, would I do this: { "name1" :
  8. I copied and pasted a file from the w3 tutorial XML/AJAX application but changed just a couple of spots so it could read my own XML data file. It doesn't work - what am I missing, please. When I open the console in either google or IE it says xmlDoc is null or undefined - somehow I'm not 'reading' the file or something? can anybody explain it more. I've read over the toturials a couple of times and I think it should be working. I have also cleaned out the cach in the browser by hitting cntrl F5, which I learned from someone along the way. <!DOCTYPE html> <html>
  9. Thank you very much justsomeguy - that really helped 'splain it. I'll mark this as answered if I can find where to do it.?
  10. Hey, justsomeguy - thanx for your response. I'm am a little hazy ( actually a lot hazy ) on the whole server thing. I thought I read someplace that if your data file (xml) was in the same folder as your html file that it would work ok. I've tried putting the whole path for my xml file, like c:\ learningwebdesign\myhtml etc, etc but it still doesn't work. Do I need to download a server just to experiment with a few things and which ones would you recommend. It seems like I've read a thousand pages about servers, but they seem to talk to the experienced developer instead of the beginner a
  11. Hi all, I'm just starting to get into website design, tho' I've been a programmer for many years. I've got a site going pretty well, but I really want to update the information on the site every day using tables. I am studying the AJAX/XML method and I think I must be missing something. After using the 'display CD collection' as a model, I couldn't get it to work. So then I tried copying & pasting the actual files from the example ( they list the xml file for your reference ) into a folder and Opened it with a google browser. I can get the button that says 'create my CD collection'
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