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  1. mate, have you been working with dedicated servers?
  2. Justsomeguy, i pretty much agree with what youre saying. That`s something that is very obvious, dont you think?Having a portfolio will give you the advantage over a person with no portfolio, a person with a certficate+ a portfolio will have the advante over a person with a portfolio with no certificate. A person with a "real" degree will have the advantage anyday , anytime.I encourage people to take this certificate. It will help you no matter what.
  3. Oh sorry for my spelling btw, I write like a pig sometimes see ya
  4. No mate, I don`t agree what you`re trying to say. I think that a portfolio plus a exam is much better than just having a portofolio. Probably why i hired a supervisor to do the job and It will make me proud to have a certificate. I have a diploma from a design class I attended back in 2001. And yeah I pretty much agree with that a university degree is much better, but having a portfolio is not better than having a portofolio + a diploma. You all should know that. So yeah, you`re taking away the credibility from W3schools.Again Im sorry If I offended you, but that`s my opinion.
  5. Oh, but youre having a good time I can tell. Oh a 19 view is more likely 19 unique ips excluding my views that counted 4 at a that period of time i wrote my second post. I dont think a person will take a look twice at a thread for nothing, So at least 14 unique views is more accurate. but thats another story so youre from haugesund? webdesigner?
  6. thank you very much, mate. I appreciate that. Thanks fr telling me that, I didnt know this forum was for a general web development and not for support concerning the exams.I apologize.
  7. LOL that`s hilarous mate. At least some of you are having funWell, I need to go, I didnt mean to be an ######.thanks for your help.have a nice day
  8. Thanks for your answer mate. But no subforum for the exams ?
  9. I didnt mean to be an ######. Im not even asking for your support , what i want to is to talk to people who are dealing with the exams part. Thats why I asked. who the owner of this forum was. So if you dont have better things to say dont bother replying.I was hoping for a better support I did pay for the service after all, no? This forum is shocking to be honest. Im glad some of you find this forum to be a nice place to share your wisdom. But Im looking for support for a service I paid for. You understand that, right?Maybe you should add a sub forum for people that need answers regarding the exam. Im sure it will be more helpful than replying with some stupid comments.Im sorry if I caused problems.
  10. Really? Oh ok, I was kinda hoping to chat with"real" people. I mean persons with more connection with the real owners, if you know what a mean? I registered for the exams and contacted a supervisor to be there when i take the exams. I have a couple of questions regarding the exams. See, for me its important and i dont like that some people here on this forum are saying that these exams are useless. What`s the point really? This forum is suppose to be w3schools forum and youre taking away the credibility of the exams they are offering?
  11. 19 views no replies? Oh well seems to me this forum is of no use. Ill contact the owner of the site.
  12. who`s the owner, you or w3cschools?
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