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  1. Hi and thanks for the response, I've changed the params as follows: // Prepare sql and bind parameters $stmt = $conn->prepare("INSERT INTO [test-survey1].favorites (FavMonster, FavVillian, FavMovie) VALUES (:Q1, :Q2, :Q3)"); $stmt->bindParam(':Q1', $Q1); $stmt->bindParam(':Q2', $Q2); $stmt->bindParam(':Q3', $Q3); Was that what you were referring to. This is my latest error after running it: Connection failed: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the m
  2. Hi all, I've been working out my learning issues slowly and was able to figure out the process to communicate from html form to PDO to Mariadb fine. I decided to try to work with Prepared Statements via PDO into my Mariadb and am having some probs I can't get through. I'm trying to simplify things as much as possible so I can work it out, but don't think I've got it. Can anyone help point out a better approach to using prepared statements for a simple form with a few q's. I've scaled down my practice files to ease of use. I'm using my own Apache test server locally, w
  3. Hi there, I think I got that issue worked out. (But can't be sure, since I only get a blank page when I hit the submit button now and no other messages). Any thoughts on what I'm missing for this 'blank page' issue and how could I better set this up to see if it is working correctly. My next step after this is to pass it to the database, but I figured I'd try to setup each piece step-by-step so I could test/see how it works better. When you press the 'submit' button, what should people really see. Thanks, Any chance anyone would be interested in helping me more via 'p
  4. Hi and thanks for the response. I checked all my <input> lines and made sure they all have a 'name=' entry and tested it again. I get same results. I have both my MainPage.html and GetFormData.php file in my 'htdocs' folder as expected ad I read that a regular browser check of this won't work because PHP is not understood by regular browser session without going through my Apache Web Server. So, with that up and going, here is my result when I hit the Submit button: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:\xampp\htdocs\GetFormData.php on line 38 A
  5. Hi all, Having some problems getting my HTML <form> to work correctly when I press the 'Submit' button. When I put data in the 'text' field and then press Submit, the page goes 'white' with no response, but the URL is still the same. What I'm really trying to do at this point, is to just make sure that my <form> and related GetFormData.php file are setup correct as I get ready to try to send data to my mariadb on my local test server. Have checked out a lot of forum posts, but not finding the missing link, lol. Using my test web site for fun: Here are impo
  6. Hi guys, Am still new at this, so be patient with me. I have my local xampp test server all setup and appears to be working fine. Am ready to test connection from my html form - PHP (PDO) - mariadb I'm getting a bit lost in all the manuals for the proper placement and setup. Am using win8.1 and current recommended ver of xampp. Latest release. Briefly: I have a simple html form set up (to test off of one simple survey q). I'll post all code below. <form> has --- action = "GetFormData.php" method = "post" ---set Submit button set as follows in ht
  7. Hi all, thanks for the input. I'll go with the latest release of things from the recommended site and take it from there. Let's see how things go.
  8. Hi all. I'll try to be direct with the details. I've installed a test server on my development pc (HP Envy, specs are fine) running win 8.1. I used the 'xampp-win32-7.1.9-0-VC14-install' from the preferred site. Installation went fine, no noted errors in any logs. I changed the psswd for MySQL as suggested. (No prob there) I can bring up the XAMPP control panel from command line fine (administrator priv) and I can start up Apache, MySQL just fine. (logs all good) (I'm not sure if I should be starting up the 'Tomcat' piece of the pie as well though, can't get a g
  9. Hi all, I'm leaning all this web server stuff and am enjoying it so far. Have done all the reading on HTML, CSS, JS, MySql, PHP. Am at a point where I need to create a test server to mash it all together. I am running on Win 8.1 (64bit) (I can run 32bit fine, no prefference), and my test server will be my development pc. It is an HP Envy fully stacked, haha! I'm running Norton software for firewall as well as MBAM for added protection. I have created 'flat' web pages for practice and am looking forward to linking the MySQL/PHP side into things, so I can continue the lea
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