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  1. Thank you so much. Unfortunately, I wouldn't know how to write that, as I am just in school learning. So that is above what I understand at this time.
  2. So the resolution is? What do I remove to fix it? How should the code read?
  3. Hey All... HELP! I am trying to create an image grid with 4 images in 2 rows. I have acheived getting the images to appear on the page, however they take up the entire page. I would like the entire grid to appear much smaller, almost center on the home page. It should look similar to this size: https://screencast.com/t/wnfdfgwfY Currently it looks like: https://screencast.com/t/0Fl8kR4Zn (which is far to large in width) I have my html code seperate from my CSS. CSS has been linked in the head of my HTML file. Could someone take a look at my code and provide me the
  4. Hey All.... HELP! I am not versed in Javascript, but have been trying to research the forum for a resolution to the slideshow bug. The first image in the slideshow does not appear when the page first loads. If I click the "next" arrow, then the image will appear. I would like the slideshow to show the first image when the website page first loads. I have my HTML, CSS & Javascript files all separate, I have linked my CSS & JS file through the head of my HTML file. If someone could assist me by providing me the code fix for both the manual and/or automatic slideshow method
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