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    Responsive 5 columns?

    Hi, I have been searching on the w3 schools site for info on making a 5 column layout. I am guessing I have to make a two column and 3 column on the same row? Or is there another way to do it? Another thought I had was to make it 2 columns, 3 columns, 2 columns, 3 columns and 2 columns for the 12 column grid but that got really confusing. Can I just do w3-fifth instead of w3-quarter? Help please? Thanks B
  2. Dear ModeraterJustsomeguy, I would like to humbly request that the latter portion of this initial contact form page issue, about the mailinglist issue, be moved to a new topic. Would you please, kindly consider moving it over? I feel concerned about the two issues mixing in your search field, and the forum page getting tooooooo long and confusing for other info seekers. Thank you for taking the time and I hope you have a wonderful day (thanks tons for the help B
  3. HI, in the interest of this post about the contact form not being mixed up with my mailing list hover button/radio button issue.. how do I move my mailinglist topic question and your responses for it to another post? Thanks B
  4. emcy

    php NOT words?

    HI Thanks!.. ok Here is what I did.... This first part (blog.php) is for: 1. create the modal button on the page 2.when a user clicks on the button it opens up a modal asking for user ID and password 3.when the user enters his info and clicks submit.. it calls up the "include" file named blogpswdefineandcheck.php (see below blog.php) blog.php <!-- Button to open the modal login form --> <button onclick="document.getElementById('id01').style.display='block'">Login</button> <!-- The Modal --> <div id="id01" class="modal"> <
  5. emcy

    php NOT words?

    Hi, I am working on a simple login for just 1 person.. me .. to be able to update my blog online. I would like to have the login button on the blog page itself. I currently have it set up as a modal. I have the database setup for 4 columns - ID, date, title, content and signedby I have the form page set up as well (blog.php), and the database access dbconfig.php file is written also. 1. - wrote up the modal button so that when I click on the login/submit button it should call up pswchecking.php to verify that the username and password are me only, and that if it is true,
  6. Hi, No, This is what I want to do but haven't found a way to do it with AJAX yet... 1. when a user gets to the point of selecting yes or no for the mailing list..... a. if he clicks the "yes" radio button, it will drop down a box where he can select from a number of mailing lists (checkboxes), and that information gets held onto until he clicks"submit" for the entire form 2. Once he clicks submit on the form page, the information goes to these places: a. an email of the information goes to me b. an email copy of the info goes to the user c. all the info
  7. HI OK .. am processing.. .... I have a php page which contains my form. at one point I have this piece of code....... if (empty($_POST["join_mailing_list"])) { $join_mailing_listErr = "requires a yes or no"; $passed = false; } else { $join_mailing_list = test_input($_POST["join_mailing_list"]); } $first_nameErr = $last_nameErr = $phone_numberErr = $addressErr = $cityErr = $stateErr = $zipErr = $countryErr = $email_addressErr = $commentsErr = $everylistErr = $list1Err = $list2Err = $list3Err = $list4Err = $list5Err = $list6Err = $list7Err = $list8Err = $list9Err = $
  8. OK.. looks like I have tons more work to do on this... am going into research mode on w3schools forum to learn about AJAX and declaring the function twice in a php form. Thanks.. will check back in soon... Hope you all have a great day B
  9. ok.. Just changed the phone number field to "Varchar" since it gave me an error message when I tried to change it to text. I'm guessing that's a similar thing like "text", and it will still be stripped of unwanted characters by the php function before insertion.
  10. Wow! Cool ! You just "up-sold" me on having to learn AJAX now too LOL!!! Thanks.. I think ?!?!?!?! So Far I have the page looking right on the user's side. The hover drop down button looks pretty However when I hit submit I get and error message: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare test_input() (previously declared in /homepages/42/d547303762/htdocs/w/contactus.php:121) in /homepages/42/d547303762/htdocs/w/contactus.php on line 258 SO.. I will look into AJAX and javascript. THanks
  11. Ok.. am just processing thoughts here in english to get to the php codeing of it.....Am open to your suggestions please 1. Php If/else statement: If the user clicks on the "yes" radio button, then a hoverable-drop-down-menu opens up with a selection of checkboxes for which list to sign up for My attempt at html multi-selection-hoverable-drop-down-button: .....<input class="w3-radio" type="radio" name="join_mailing_list" <?php if (isset($join_mailing_list) && $join_mailing_list == "yes") echo "checked"; ?> value="yes"> <div class="dropdown"> <
  12. Oh one more question...... I am also building a mailinglist page in php. On the contact page as the last choice for the user, I give them the option to elect yes or no if they want to sign up for the mailing list. I would like to make it so that: 1) if the user selects yes, that it will present a drop down menu to select which list they want to sign up on (I have about 8) - Because I am working with php and html, I am a bit confused... can I simply create a drop down menu in html, and then in php add an" if/else" statement so that the menu is hidden until they select yes? I
  13. oh I have one more issue... When the user enters the phone number it shows up wrong in the database... i.e. when a dash is entered between the numbers 224-578-9562, then only the 224 shows up in teh database. when I leave the dashes out, it shows up as a completely different number 2147483671 . (there are enough digits in this but it's not the number the user entered... I am guessing this is because I have no error testing set up on the phone number in the php form? I also have the function to strip out hash marks and other characters I don't want. .so how do I specify that for phone number
  14. Yes! Thank you! That's it! I had it set to Tiny Int (1). I am still new to mysqli and have studied the w3schools pages but still have more to learn . Thank you!!!!! Where can I send you a coffee? Peace B
  15. Hmmm.. I think I wasn't clear in my statement before... It doesn't matter which radio button is chosen, the database field for both yes and no are entered with zeros, both, each time. so I have no way to differentiate if it's a yes or no that the user has entered.
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