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  1. Hi, I think if you don't want to go with code again and again then you can go with Wordpress like CMS. Wordpress (CMS) is software that helps you create, manage, and modify content on a website without needing to interact directly with the code. You can simply create a website without much effort. If you want to convert your HTML website to Wordpress then you can also do that. You can check about this on web. With wordpress you can develop your website effortlessly. I hope this information is useful for you. Thanks
  2. Hi, If you want to run your script for particular time then you can use cron job for that. What is cron job? Cron jobs are the defined tasks that the systems run on decided time interval. In other words you can these are the predefined task that runs on the system in particular interval of time. You can set up your cron jobs through cpanel for the particular task like get the email notification, specify the command to run on particular time. You can add cron job with 2 ways in your website: Command Line Cpanel You can follow this link to set cron job with command line for details: https://hoststud.com/resources/how-to-add-crontab-and-cron-job-in-linux.256/ You can follow below steps to set cronjob with cpanel: 1. First login to cpanel2. In “advanced” section click on cron jobs icon.3. Now set an email cron job through cpanle. To set an email cron you have to enter email address into email text box. Click on “update email” 4. Now set the cron jobs time interval through add new cron job. Common settings : click on drop down option and you will find the predefined settings for cron jobs. You can use the predefined common settings, either you can create your own. Minute : select a particular time in minutes to hour in which you want to run your cron job. Hour : select a particular time in hour in which you want to run your cron job. Day : select a particular day in which you want to run your cron job. Month : in this menu select the number of months on which you want to run your cron job. Weekday : select the days of week on which you want to run the cron job. 5. Now its time to enter the desired command in text box : PHP: php -q /home/user/public_html /testrun.php Note : Here user is your username in cPanel.
  3. Hi, First you have to check your .mp4 video file size, if your other videos are large then it may be possible that your hosting provider restrict its access. Also check the permission and path of your video file. Are you using any CMS?
  4. Then, can you guide us instead of laugh.
  5. You can check below program to change background image. You can also use various properties for this tag. <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> Here title of your website </TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> background-image: url("image.jpg"); </BODY> </HTML>
  6. Hey, I am also facing the same issue regarding the PHP form. But then i solved it. I am using SMTP authentication in this script. You can add the email details in mail2.php file and then this file. This code will surely work for you. PHPMailer_5.2.0.zip
  7. Merry christmas, .htaccess files are a hidden files that are available on server to control the visitors of your website. .htaccess file is a configuration file which first detected and executed by Apache web server. In cpanel you can check the .htaccess file through the file manager. By default .htaccess files are hidden.
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