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  1. OK. That's really helpful. I wasn't sure (since I am very much toying with ideas and what could be possible in theory, and nowhere near experienced enough). Sorry to sound so dim. I'll look at alternative approaches...
  2. Not sure if this will work. The data is coming separately from the transform files. ie: The actual data is sent initially internally -- probably via email as a XML file. The XSLT file may be loaded over HTTP, but that server will not have any knowledge of what the data is, only how to manipulate and transform it. The use should experience as simple an interaction as possible -- hence the query of whether it is possible to have alternative transforms applied according to local settings. Biggest problem for me at the moment is that I am not sure how best to describe this, or what to se
  3. Hi. Previous experiments focused on the transfer of the XML file. Method variable -- tests suggest that both via HTTP and as an email attachment work, being passed through a standard web-browser to apply the transform. The XSLT, along with any other necessary file, is to be delivered via HTTP. No program to be installed on the end user's terminal, other than what is already there (usually IE and MS Office).
  4. Hi All, Can anyone tell me if the following scenario is possible -- and if so, how I might start to implement it? I am not sure of what terms to use even to describe what I want to do -- so Google is not really helping me much. I'll describe as best I can... I have some data that fits well as a XML document. Being XML, I can develop tools to read this data, and ultimately to insert the data into a database. So far, so good. However, I also need to interact with end users. I have already played with XSLT, and can transform my data either into a HTML web page, or into a .xslx spre
  5. Hi All, I am looking at creating a searchable and browsable aggregation of metadata for my audio collection, and to link in what I have to other open-source data sets (musicbrainz being one of several). However, I am also using this as a tutorial exercise, as I have limited experience in anything beyond HTML. Therefore, I am posting looking for comments / critique / suggestions / pointers / etc. What I want to discover is what potential XML can achieve when combined with technologies such as XSL, RDF and others. It's a massive learning curve! Step 1 is creating the raw XML file, then
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