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  1. This bit of code is done by a previous developer, and thank you for pointed me in the right direction. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi, can anyone help me to understand where to put the "while" function in the code so i can display more than one row from the table please. This is the code i use: <?php $data_sheet = false; $datasheet_query = $db->Execute("SELECT TECHLINK_ID, TECHLINK_INCODE, TECHLINK_URLID, TECHLINK_products_id, TECH_URL, TECH_TITLE FROM FTECHLINK LEFT JOIN FTECHSHEET_URL ON TECH_ID = TECHLINK_URLID WHERE TECHLINK_products_id = ".(int)$_GET['products_id'].""); if (!$datasheet_query->EOF){ $data_sheet = true; $pdf_title = $datasheet_query->fields['TECH_TITLE']; $pdf_file = $datasheet_query->fields['TECH_URL']; $pdf_path = "acrobat/".$pdf_file; $image_name = str_ireplace('.pdf','.jpg',$pdf_file); $image_path = "acrobat/".$image_name; $tech_image = '<div class="download_image_container"><a href="' . $pdf_path . '"target="_blank">' . zen_image($image_path, $products_name, "173", "245", 'class="box_image_pdf"') . '</a></div>'; $tech_title = '<div class="download_title_container"><a class="document_title"href="' . $pdf_path . '"target="_blank">' . $pdf_title . '</a></div>'; } ?> <?php if ($data_sheet == true) { ?> <div id="datasheet" class="tab-pane"> <div class="product-tab"> <?php echo $tech_image; echo $tech_title; ?> </div> </div> <?php } ?> and the table looks like the image i attached, i know that the SQL query is working but i can't seem to display all the rows. Much appreciated for the help. Kind regards
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