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  1. I tested, it isn't google's issue for sure. Probably I did something which harmed the template, and since I'm an self-learner in HTML and codding in general, I can't figure out what I did. Anyway, I tried with this and I reduced the space between the posts, but as you can see now, dates in the second and every post after it are moved down, only in the first post the date is ok, and I can't solve it. .post-labels { display: block; margin: 50px 0 10px; } .post-footer-line { margin: 0px 0; } The most I'm worried about that "nesting" problem described above.
  2. Hello friends! Sorry if I asked the question which already exists, but I couldn't find an exact answer to my problem and also I'm still new, thanks for understanding in advance. I will try to describe my problem in the best way, with hope that someone can give me the answer that I can't find anywhere. I have my personal style blog at blogger.com platform > http://fashionsanja.blogspot.rs and I'm average good in codding, but enough for my blogging needs. I have the huge problem with my blog posts, as you can clearly see by visiting it via the link above. In the blogger help forum I got the problem name and temporary solution, but not an completely answer. The problem is that my HTML elements are continuosly "nesting" within one or the other as each blog posts is displayed. I'm not expert enough in that field to solve that alone, I need your help. Just to mention, this temporary solution didn't solve the issue, it just moved the post title a bit down. I will quote you the reply from google help forum I got: I uploaded the picture of the problem (in the attachment), as you can see, the two posts are almost merged, but the first and second aren't. That continues to happend everytime when I try to add a new post. I'm so afraid I harmed the template somehow. Thanks in advance for your time and trying to help, it would mean a lot to me. Greetings, Sanja
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