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  1. im editting a javascript of an audio player for HTML5, and it doesnt have any shuffle option, i wanted to add it manually and be activated by default. In the code i show, i show the functions that plays o passes to the next song, so you can see the function names im using. im actually studying web design (basic level) and i havent seen javascript yet, so i understand so basic how it works, so i can edit a few things from a copied source. I obviously googled what im asking here, but i couldnt find any answer that i can understand, or make it work, just found some stuff that make things harder, using strings in the names or things like that to shuffle the songs, adding a lot of (i think) unnecesary code. I need a function that skips a song a random number of times, or such. but i dont know how to do it Code: function playAudio() { song.play(); tracker.slider("option", "max", song.duration); $('.play').addClass('hidden'); $('.pause').addClass('visible'); } function stopAudio() { song.pause(); $('.play').removeClass('hidden'); $('.pause').removeClass('visible'); } // play click $('.play').click(function (e) { e.preventDefault(); playAudio(); }); // forward click $('.fwd').click(function (e) { e.preventDefault(); stopAudio(); var next = $('.playlist li.active').next(); if (next.length == 0) { next = $('.playlist li:first-child'); } initAudio(next); }); //autoplay window.onload = function(e) { playAudio(); };
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