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    working toward certifications in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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    Northern Utah, USA
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    astronomy, photography, graphic design, animals, nature, music

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I have a bachelors in Applied Biology, love chemistry and physics but poor maths skills. I'm working on that. For many years I worked in various laboratories - pathology, virology and microbiology with a brief time in electron microscopy. 

I am now working toward getting certifications in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to do web design. After getting these certifications, I will keep going to become certified in JQuery, SQL, etc. I am seriously passionate about coding.

Other interests are  astronomy / cosmology. I have loved looking at the stars since childhood. It started when my parents took us camping in wilderness areas and the night sky was alight with the most amazing stars. 

I also love photograpy, music, art, good books (primarily science fiction/fantasy), cats, dogs and bird watching.

My other passion is horses. I have one horse that I have had for 4 years and enjoy riding in an arena practicing dressage or reining exercises or going on trails. 



I live a very colorful life. 

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