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  1. Unfortunately, that's not the case...a subsequent version of the schema will allow multiple <segment/> elements, each potentially with its own start and end.It doesn't matter if start and end appear out of order as long as they are marked; order only matters if both points are unmarked, in which case the first is assumed the start.Thanks
  2. Sorry about the title...I couldn't figure out anything coherent to title the topic. Anyway, I'm new fish to Schema and I'm attempting to build a validator for XML relating to public transit.There is a root <segment> element which may contain exactly one or two of the following: <point/>, <pointStart/>, <pointEnd/>. Further, there can be at most one start, and at most one end. Since I come from a Perl background, consider the following regexp that has P standing in for <point/>, S for <pointStart/>, and E for <pointEnd/>: P?[PSE]|S[PE]|E[PS] Or, to
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