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  1. I know what it is and how it's used. I was suggesting adding it to the grid tutorial, however I also wanted to make sure it exist.
  2. I didn't see a reference to place-self for grid items in the CSS-Reference. Is there such a property? CSS Tip and Tricks seem to think so. They mention it in their Gird guide here.
  3. Thanks That worked like a charm. It was my php code messing things up. I appreciate the help
  4. Ah, I've been looking for that validator. I knew W3 had one. Anyways, I see my problem. It seems the php is making it seem like the tags aren't there. Hmmm, I'll have to research it more.
  5. Duh...my bad.... https://bacmedia.duckdns.org/index.php
  6. I'm not following what you are saying. Could you be more specific?
  7. I have a table pulling data from a database. Everything works getting the data to show in the table, however the content under the table isn't showing up. I'm using bootstrap 4.0 for layout, so I have rows and cols with the table being the third row and two other rows, not showing, under the 3rd row. I've moved one row about the table row and it show up, but put it back under the table and it disappears. I've ensured I have the right amount of div tags for each of the rows and cols. I'm at a loss
  8. How do you resize the background image?
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    Can you change the size of the images you choose?
  10. I wanted to put it in JS but I'm willing to do something easier and better. At this point, being a newbie at this, I'm pretty flexible, I just need some guidance. I don't don't much about PHP, but willing to learn. Would doing the PHP tutorial on W3schools give me the knowledge to accomplish this?
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    As I went through the XML tutorials I kept thinking about a personal project I want to do at home. I would like to turn my iTunes library into a webpage. I just need a view only page, but something that could be automatically updated when items are added to the library. You may already know iTunes uses an xml file to store metadata about media files in the library. This xml has a dtd schema (<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">) identifying the structure of the xml (I learned this from the tutorials). I want to use the "iTunes Library.xml" to populate the web page, and since it already has a structure, I figured it would be easy to do. The problem is I don't see how to do this. Going through all the XML tutorials including the DTD tutorial, it's not clear on how to accomplish this. I tried to reference the xml tags through the DOM, it worked once, giving me the tag type. I also found that using the DOM on such a large XML could make the web page slow. I know that I could use an xslt to format the xml but I would have to reference the xslt document in the xml. Again I want it dynamic, so using the referenced iTunes dtd works. I just can't determine how to go about doing this with the tutorials. They didn't make it clear how to use the DTD to turn the xml into html Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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