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    Hi , thank you for replying . if i remove "inlineblock" from the div button CSS, it then doesn't display inline in full browser view. i have fixed the issue with it displaying when expanding the menu in mobile view , however its still appearing the main navbar in mobile view . Any idea's?
  2. Good Morning , Ive added a menu bar into my test site and it displays fine on desktop , but experiencing issues on phones and tablets . The menu bar does responds and fits to the relevant size of the screen, however the drop down button / link stays at the top in the main part of the nav bar instead of dropping into the relevant order of menu links . Please see the issue here http://www.jrstech.co.uk/OrginalHCForum/ Please could anyone provide some help, i'm sure I've missed something simple ! Thank you for your help in advance . here is my code for the menu bar :
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