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  1. hi sorry am not very well in english i wsa asked before about a problem , thats when a user loged in his account and after that he click back button in the browser , and then he click forward in the browser my script redirct him to his account without ask him about login informationhow can i solve that ???many thanks
  2. Matar

    encrypt the url

    hi how can i encrypt the url content , this content is a query criteria ? and how i can prevent the user to back to the userhome page when he click back in the browser i use the session and i make a logout page , but when the user click back and then forward he back to his account i need to prevent this . many thanks to all matar
  3. Hi all Can i display a vedio stream of webcam in php page ?and how ? Thanks
  4. hi as justsomeguy tell you , you can use limit fuction in mysql database to view a spicific number of colmuns and there are many functions to get spicific data like max vlaue >> select max(col) from tbl min value >> select min(col) from tbl sum >> select sum(col) from tbl Matar
  5. Hi all i want chat scripts concepts , because i can't begin i don't have any idea about this . but i want a very small script . just to talk . Matar Do you know how the rain make me sad ?
  6. Hi all Can I Convert human Sound to signals that will be orders to spicfic System For Example i want to make a chair for people can't move there legs or hands so , there is will be a micophone when he said right the chair will go right . i want just to convert the sound to digtal data that will connected with PLC . can i convert the sound to digtal data using VB.NET
  7. Matar

    encrypt data by md5

    hi justsomeguy its long time so i must make an encryption algorithem and decryption algorithem ???!!!or what i can do to solve this problem ?anyway i need to save encrypted data and when request decrypte this data thank you matar
  8. hi all iam trying to add jpg picture to sqlserver2005 database with vb.net2005 interface . so the question is sqlserver can store the image it self in the database ??i dont need to save the path of image . matar
  9. Matar

    encrypt data by md5

    hi man no i dont mean that if i save md5("dog") in the database i want when the user request this value to show it without md5 encryption . thank you
  10. Matar

    encrypt data by md5

    hi all i work with project thats need encrypt the data using md5 when insert the data to the database "i make this "but i need anthor thing i need when the user request the data from the database ,the data showen without md5 ??who i can make this ??matar
  11. Matar

    Login Problem

    hi all thank you for replay i make all thing you said and the problem is still the code ***<?phpif(!isset($user)||!isset($pass)){echo "error1";}elseif(empty($user)||empty($pass)){echo "error2";}else{$user = $_POST['user'];$pass = $_POST['pass'];$con = mysql_connect("localhost","root","");mysql_select_db("log", $con);$sql = mysql_query("select * from info where username = '$user' AND password = '$pass'",$con);$row = mysql_num_rows($sql);if($row > 0){ while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)){ session_start(); session_register('user'); echo "welecom $user <br />";} } else{ echo "Incorrec
  12. Matar

    Login Problem

    hi this script is simple example ... i don't care about mysql_connect parmeterbecause i work on local host The problem is when i using where cluse when i edit select statement to "select * from info " it is work , but when i using where the script work as empty table although i fill it with users data .
  13. Matar

    Login Problem

    hi all i make a login script but i have a problemwhen i login with my user and password the script show me invalid login but my login info is corret !!!!this is the code ****<?phpif(!isset($user)||!isset($pass)){echo "error1";}elseif(empty($user)||empty($pass)){echo "error2";}else{$user = ($_POST['user']);$pass = ($_POST['pass']);$con = mysql_connect("localhost");mysql_select_db("log", $con);$sql = mysql_query("select * from info where username = '$user' AND password = '$pass'",$con);$row = mysql_num_rows($sql);if($row > 0){ while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)){ session_start(); session
  14. Matar

    Web Spider

    hi thank you man ,,, but the link not work " not authroized to view this page " matar
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