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    Link colours

    I agree with the poster. You guys should make links, LOOK like links, I'm very angred by the fact that I can't even see links whenever I need to see them. It makes helping other people very diffulcult. Please do change it to a blue link, with an underline... or whatever, just make it noticable PLEASE. Thanks.
  2. <style type="text/css">div { height: 500px;}</style><div>Div Content</div> OR <div style="height: 500px;">Div Content</div>
  3. That diffenitly will not work. It only works if you assign a class or ID to that peticualr table that you don't want appear. EX:<style type="text/css">.noprint { visibility: collapse; display: none;}</style><table class="noprint"> <tr> <td>This table will not show. </td> </tr></table> If you don't want a table to appear try using the CSS I used, it should work. Okay, frist off, just to be clear "style" is what you use to start the CSS styles unless you are externaly linking them..stylethe period is used for Classes.#stylethe Pound or Number symbol is used for ID's. However they should not be used more then once for applying the same styles to objects. That is what classes are for. Hope that cleared up some cunfusion
  4. Perhaps it's becuase you have your background-attachment to fixed, if the image you are using is too small it will not show until you scroll past a certain point. The no-repeat attribute might also complicate things. Also it might be better to set all your properties into one decloration like so: background: #000000 url(imgs/ctr.jpg) no-repeat fixed; Hope that helps out some.
  5. Try this, you can adjust the spacing accordingly. <style type="text/css">ul.disk {list-style-type: disc;line-height: 10px;}</style><ul class="disk"> <li>Something Here</li> <li>Something Here</li> <li>Something Here</li></ul>
  6. Can't you do it with XHTML also, tried it? Isn't the same thing just with a / for non closing tags?
  7. http://javascript.internet.com/user-detail...resolution.htmlThat should help you
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