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  1. Hi Ingolme. It works absolutelly fine for me. In fact I'm already interested in removing the scrollbars from my site, but I just don't put it here to simplify the problem. You helped me a lot, my friend. I've been looking for a way to do this for a long time. Thank you so much!
  2. Don't matter the browser size, I need that the picture ocup 100% the browser height. For this, I just set the img heith in 100vh, and the code works fine. But, I also need this image be horizontal centered in the browser. For this, I've set the text align of my DIV that contain my IMG in center. When the browser width is greater than the img width, it works fine. But, if the browser width is less than the img width, the img go left aligned. I really need that img be centered in the browser size all the time, don't matter the conditions. I just know that I can do it replacing the img for backgr
  3. I am here now thinking about some things, about this sollution applied to my case, which replaces the IMG tag with BACKGROUND-IMAGE ... The page I'm developing will be a type of deposit of images about certain attractions available here in my region. On this site, there will be little written content, because the images themselves will be your main content. If I use BACKGROUND-IMAGE, I think I may have a big problem with Google and other search engines, who will don't index my images, because they will not be inside the IMG tag, which I understand to the extent of the ALT attribute a
  4. Hi dsonesuk. I am absolutely grateful for your help, as I have been seeking a viable alternative for quite some time. I followed your recommendations and everything worked perfectly well. I am very grateful. I just had to delete IMG and add these lines in the CSS that modifies the DIV container of the image: background-image: url(imagem-teste-001.jpg); background-size: auto 100%; background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; Greetings from Brazil. Evair Peterson.
  5. Good evening. I'm creating a 3-column layout, in which the left and right columns should have their widths set to 300px, and the middle column should fit in the rest left over. Regarding the layout everything is OK, exactly as I need it. However, within the central DIV, I put an IMG, which I want to always occupy 100% of the height of this DIV and that it is centered horizontally, independently of the width of the DIV in which this IMG is contained is larger or smaller width than the width of the IMG itself. Relative to occupying 100% of the height everything is OK, no matter how I resize t
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