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  1. Please help justsomeguy, from my diagram it is to apply the Depth First Search algorithm, preferably starting from node (M01 ... M21) or from root (S01 ... S65)
  2. Once again, thank you justsomeguy, this structure for the user table in this case the student: CREATE TABLE `siswa` ( `id_siswa` int(5) NOT NULL, `nis` varchar(12) NOT NULL, `nama_siswa` varchar(20) NOT NULL, `tpt_lahir` varchar(150) DEFAULT NULL, `tgl_lahir` datetime DEFAULT NULL, `agama` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL, `kelamin` enum('laki-laki','perempuan') NOT NULL, `kelas` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL, `jurusan` varchar(20) DEFAULT NULL, `alamat_siswa` text NOT NULL, `telpon_siswa` varchar(12) NOT N
  3. Thank you justsomeguy for the correct response that you say, I explain a little bit, I have the table sebab(S) to save the causes of problems that are often faced by students according to the Counseling Guidance expert, table masalah (M) to save the problem data according to expert Counseling Guidance and table solusi (SL) for the solution of the problem according to expert Bimbinga Counseling. When students consult, students are given a question of cause of the problem ie (S01..S65 = root) after which the student is notified of the problem (M01 ... M21 = node) and the solution (SL
  4. Hello, Please help, how to implement the Depth First Search algorithm into PHP MyQsli. I have a table: - problem - because - solution The DFS diagram I attached. thank you
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