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  1. Funce


    Hey there Cooley, Have you had a look at PayFast's documentation on signature generation? It looks like the passphrase is set under the settings page of PayFast.
  2. Funce

    HELP with JOIN

    I'm feeling a more design issue is afoot here. Why do you need the extras removed?
  3. Funce


    If you wished to do this, you'd need to explicitly write out all the columns you wished to output, rather than using the * wildcard. SELECT Projectex, ...
  4. Hi Victor! Just a quick note that .html files, by default, don't run any PHP inside them. You'll need to change that file to contacto.php for the PHP processor to recognise that PHP code is needed to be run.
  5. Hi Antonio Your update function only gets defined once the page has loaded. You're calling update before its fully loaded. If you want to call it immediately, put the update() right after the function definition.
  6. Funce

    simple c++ program

    You've redeclared your i variable inside your if statement. The i++ is incrementing that i rather than the i that's being outputted.
  7. Funce


    What's important with these operators, is that they perform Binary Arithmetic. So to understand it, you need to understand X and Y in Binary. X (101)= 5 Y (011) = 3 ^= Is the python bitwise XOR operator, and the result of XORing X and Y is the following X ^= Y (XOR) (110) = 6 Similarly |= is the Bitwise OR operator, and so X |= Y (OR) (111) = 7 And &= is the bitwise AND opereator, and so X &= Y (AND) (001) = 1 Each operation is applied to each digit in sequence.
  8. Take a look at our Media Query Tutorial page. Let me know if you have any questions about it.
  9. You might have some conflicting styles in there. Can you paste your stylesheet in a code block?
  10. Node's mysql module doesn't support Mysql server 8 authentication just yet. So we need to change the server so that it uses the old version of auth. If you can execute an SQL query (not in node), then you can run the following ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'password' Replacing, 'password' with your own password of choice. (Assuming you're still user root on localhost domain.) Then run flush privileges; And try node after that.
  11. Could you include the stylesheet with this? I'm not able to recreate the issue with what you've shown.
  12. Try using z-index for this one. Higher numbers go on top of lower ones.
  13. Give "MySQL Community Server" a try, and you'll be able to choose your OS after that.
  14. You could try inspecting the element in your browser and see what styles are applied to it. Might be some margins applied that you can't see.
  15. Funce

    Node and Mamp?

    Hey there, its all technically possible, and there are many solutions out there for merging technologies. If you can activate MySQL on its own, without any other webserver running, I don't believe it would be any different from accessing any other MySQL Database inside Node. I'm pretty sure Node won't know the difference either.
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