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  1. All ads on the website are controlled through the google advertising service. If you find the ad in question, you have to report it in one of the corners as there's nothing on this end that's possible.
  2. What would you like to know about it?
  3. 3 things to answer your questions Arrays strictly only have numerical indexes. Adding a string index converts the array to a generic object. You can access an object's properties through square bracket [] method, just like an array.
  4. They're... a bad cover for a bad design decision in the most cases you see them used. In this example, you might be able to leverage the native browser PDF viewers with an iframe. Give it a bit of science.
  5. Funce

    r value range

    The actual number value is in reference to the absolute value of r.
  6. Funce

    Will not ADD

    You might be missing a quote mark in your $con line. What output are you getting? Any errors?
  7. I've removed the link as the site linked seems sketchy. You should be able to find another example.
  8. I've removed the link as the site linked seems sketchy. You should be able to find another example.
  9. Funce

    Northwind Database

    Please do not reply to old topics.
  10. Please do not reply to old topics.
  11. What I was going to get to, is that while the manner at which you create the HTML is different, its still going to be HTML. This means that you while you can create a fixed link like the following <tr width:100%=""> <td text-align:="" left;="" width:="" 50%;="">Good Morning!</td> <td text-align:="" center;="" width:="" 50%;=""><a href="https://www.website.com/goodmorning.php">https://www.website.com/goodmorning.php</a></td> </tr> Because you know how to make a link. To make a link with something from a database is the same. You know that referencing your database fields resolves them to Text. You just need to put that text in the right spaces inside your HTML. Just because we make it with PHP, doesn't stop this. Including dsonesuk's solution: <?php while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) { $the_url = $row["the_url"]; echo "<tr width:100%> <td text-align: left; width: 50%;>" . $row["some_text"] . "</td> <td text-align: center; width: 50%;><a href='" . $row["the_url"] . "'>" . $row["the_url"] . "</a></td> </tr>"; } echo "</table>"; } else { echo "0 results"; } echo "The URL--> " . $the_url;
  12. Think about it like this. Your output is just straight HTML. <tr width:100%=""> <td text-align:="" left;="" width:="" 50%;="">Good Morning!</td> <td text-align:="" center;="" width:="" 50%;="">https://www.website.com/goodmorning.php</td> </tr> Do you know how to add a link in HTML?
  13. First of all, do you have code that can read when you click on the markers? Which markers? LongLat coordinates? After you get that information, you need to find a service which gives you weather information based on given Longitude and Latitude coordinates. Or whichever data you've received from Google Maps. Then you need to learn how to access the service you've found, and process any output accordingly.
  14. jQuery is usually bundled in a single file to make it easier to include client side. You just need to add it as an element to your HTML. jQuery is in NPM, and you can check it out https://www.npmjs.com/package/jquery
  15. Hey there, welcome to the forums! Your code looks pretty solid, you just need to add the anchor (<a>) surrounding each database output. Just as you've done with the <td> elements. Think of it like a normal HTML page, but rather than typing in the numbers, the PHP is doing that for you. Just because you're using PHP, doesn't stop you from needing to still format the HTML properly.
  16. When you are redirected, page 1 ends.
  17. This would greatly depend on where the css file is located, and where the html file is located. Are they in the same Folder/Directory?
  18. This is because " " is not an empty string, and therefore passes your validation.
  19. Page 1 and Page 2 work like standard webpages. The request is sent from the browser, the server responds with a response fitting the request. In Page 1, you request the first page, and you get a form back. (As its HTML) In Page 2, you request it with parameters like name and age, and the server processes any ASP on the page, and then responds with a modified HTML file. Once the server has sent the output to the browser, the server has finished its part, and actually isn't running any pages.
  20. Probably more closer to the answer, is that there's two lots of $x++ in the loop in the second example. So you're incrementing by two each time.
  21. The 'continue' keyword in this case, is actually referring to the while loop its inside. The 'continue' indicates that you finish the current loop of the while, and continue onto the next. The reason why the numbers are skipped, is because the loop is 'continued' before the output is sent.
  22. Funce


    Hey there Cooley, Have you had a look at PayFast's documentation on signature generation? It looks like the passphrase is set under the settings page of PayFast.
  23. Funce

    HELP with JOIN

    I'm feeling a more design issue is afoot here. Why do you need the extras removed?
  24. Funce


    If you wished to do this, you'd need to explicitly write out all the columns you wished to output, rather than using the * wildcard. SELECT Projectex, ...
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