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  1. Ok, I did that, but now it looks pretty awful. The buttons should be around 160px/40px to fit in the site, now they are way to small. I don't get it, why won't this tags work? I'm using chrome(new version), it shouln't be a browser issue... CSS.css Schwarzwaldverein Ortsgruppe Achern.html
  2. Hello Guys, I'm working on a website for my aunt, due to the new privacy law, she needs to update the page with a new Button in the menu. I lost the programm which I created the old .png buttons, so I can't create the new one in the same style. I want to replace the old buttons with new ones, written in css. The only problem is the size of the buttons, they keep scaling with the writting in the button, but I want them all the same size. I attached the code of the css and html, can you help me? I know, the website is written in an old style, her former programmer did all the writting and I overtook the project a while ago. CSS.css Schwarzwaldverein Ortsgruppe Achern.html
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