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    I was a coding expert in my past life I'm sure but in this one I'm a classically trained pianist and a hollywood hair guy that (secretly) loves blogging and creating things on my website. But I could use some help. ;-) WOW what you experts do is AMAZING TO me.

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    HELLO W3 - I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH!!! I think I have said hello before but I wasn't sure I wanna say hello hello Again. I must be Web programmer from another life Secretly addicted to designing my blog pages Those of us that are on the creative side Can get lost in this sometimes Because I like everything that I see The problem Is that sometimes you have too many ideas flowing, so they become more disorganized than they do organized . I'm fairly new to WordPress Using blogger for many years I'm wondering If I should simplify how I'm creating Another website b
  2. Dear @justsomeguy Thanks for getting back to me ages agok - HOW DID I MIS THIS????? I've learned so much since last summer and I 'm secretly addicted to styl,ing my pages. you can be so creative and it relaxes my brain. Does EACH PAGE need the html declaration ? I use blogger.com for my blog which I've turned into my main website,,,, and blogger is funny in building a home page so you have to add a custom html sectiom as the "hom epage" or leave home page as it is which is the actual blog roll for the home page, and specify ONE POST on the home page only,,,
  3. Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi and how much i DON'T KNOW,,,, but i'mhaivng a blast. I work as a hair stylist here in LALA LAND,,, and i like "playing around" on my website - it relaxes my brain. But I am "piece-milling" a lot and I notice things (code) gets stepped on from time to time. when I'm coding or trying to add a polaroid effect - or two columns (or whatever) do I always need to do the <!doctype> commands at the top of each code section? I could probably use a basic tutorial,,,, but so far I think I'm doinng ok. Nice to say hello here. Thanks e
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