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  1. Hi, let me introduce my self first and then ask the question. I am 19 year-old guy from Finland with high school and vocational (in mechanical and electrical engineering) education. I've never really had actually made a program, but external equipment for many (eg. robots, research equipment). From my entrepreneurial passion to digitalization of economy, has led me to learn more about programming, Khan Academy have been great source so far. My real interest on this subject lays on Artificial Intelligence, interactive website and blockchain technology. I have now started from basics of Html, CSS and JavaScript. Plus overview on AI and Common LISP. My project is to build a website marketplace with a built in currency, for more efficient sharing economy and monetary base. Cryptography is the greatest challenge now to secure accounts and to make reliable platform, not to mention all the designing features I am still missing, because the lack of experience even with the basics of programming. I'd basically do all myself, but if you are interested to give further advice on proceeding or you have spare time and interest, come across and contact! Send here a message that you found this introduction and feel motivated and want to participate or want to give an advice. Email is good as well: veikkotapiokaurila@gmail.com. I look forward to hear from you. My question is: Can I remove the background from my web page? make it transparent? The white space, which is originally there when you start to write HTML without any further style modifications. I've not found more than an article from 2010 that says it would be probably nice if it could be removed. Pls find the attached image. Thanks
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