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  1. Nice. I will try that too. I kept working at it and found that in the css if I add a height and also play with margin-bottom, that seems to work. I like your method too. THANKS .card-title{width:100%;height:2.6rem; margin-bottom:1.2rem}
  2. Good afternoon. I have problem. I have 3 cards in a row. They work great. They have an image, a card title, and card text. The problem is when you display the page such that the text in the card title has to wrap. This pushes down the card text. So, when you look across the row, the card text is lower this one, higher that one, not aligned. I am not sure how to fix this. I tried setting a bigger margin bottom for the card title but that didn't work. Here is a picture of the problem. Ignore the dotted white lines. Was directly from Dreamweaver display. any ideas would be GREATLY ap
  3. THANKS..I am trying it now. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!! It works and I understand it AND just, thanks!!! You really helped me out of a jam! 😂
  4. and that is my conundrum. I don't know enough to understand what to do. Im sorry if I sound dense. I appreciate your patience with me. Would it make a difference if I did btn.filter-active then in the script told it too look at filter-active? I mean to say, create a unique active class?
  5. Okay. That makes sense. Except that I need the actives where they are so that the side nav works as well. So, I tried to create a btn-filter as a new class. But that caused every button I clicked to turn on the border. I also tried to create a "filter-active" class. Neither worked. What would you suggest? I am truly at a loss as to how to fix it. thanks again.
  6. Hello. I am using a bootstrap responsive ecommerce template. The filter buttons work great! BUT, if you click on a "card" or even on the background, the outline around the button disappears. This is a problem that the original W3 example doesn't have. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Here is the original: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/tryit.asp?filename=tryhow_js_portfolio_gallery_filter Here is mine: Here is the page: http://help.cccis.com/static/ccc_one/ELCTraining/EstWorkRO.html Here is the filter buttons: <div id="myBtnContainer"> &l
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