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  1. thanks i tried combinations of table/ Tr / Td ...and it didnt work . Someone mentioned that the table might be a "javascript generated table " in which case importxml function doesn't work .....
  2. THIS is what i get from the inspection : I AM after the red number below. Can you please tell me what i should have ? I tried : =importxml($B$1,"//tr[3]/td[2]") =importxml($B$1,"//tr[1]/td[2]") =importxml($B$1,"//table[0]/tr[1]/td[2]") BELOW IS INSPECTION OF TABLE : <div id="block-views-fund-unit-pricing-block-1" class="block block-views clearfix"> <div class="content"> <div class="required-fields accordion-holders add-style"> <div clas
  3. =importxml($B$1,"//tr") No result =importxml($B$1,"//td") No result =importxml($B$1,".") ...gets everything not just the table that im after =importxml($B$1,"*") ...gets everything not just the table that im after =importxml($B$1,"node()") ...gets everything not just the table that im after Then i started doing alot of stuff randomly based on what i found on inspection of the data: NOne of these work: =importxml($B$1,"/[@class='fund-unit-pricing-table accordion-section-content']")
  4. The second arguments have worked previously for other sites, so I don't understand why it didn't work for this particular Web site
  5. Yes I have. I tried the wild cards and I can get most of the data but I don't know how I can just get the data in the table only.
  6. I would like to import a table from https://www.montinvest.com/unit-prices#contact on google sheets I have tried : $B$1 cell contains the above URL =importxml($B$1,"//tr") =importxml($B$1,"//td") Any help would be appreciated
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