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  1. Hello, thanks for your help. I could solve the problem! There were just some few syntax errors.
  2. Hello, so i managed to implement the plugin. I tried the following example from this website http://keyframes.github.io/jQuery.Keyframes/. It works fine in chrome. I now tried to implement it to my code afterwards, but it does not work. Because of the test with the link above, i am quite sure, that the problem is not with the plugin anymore. It must be somewhere in the syntax. I minimized the code in JSFiddle https://jsfiddle.net/0c35n9q8/6/ just to get the jquery to work. Anybody an idea?
  3. Well, i do not know exactly how to include the Plugin. I thought, it has access to it, if i call it online from google. Can you please help me out with the code? Thanks in advance. I use chrome to view the results of the coding, so outside the Editor. It does work there, that is confusing.
  4. I have a jsfiddle. I do not know why my range slider crash. They work on my editor but not in the jsfiddle ?! https://jsfiddle.net/0c35n9q8/2/ Yes. I am trying to change with the help of jquery the CSS @keyframes rule. As CSS @keyframes are hard coded, i found the possibility to do it with jquery. But it does not work yet for me with my code above. The CSS keyframes of arrow21 are not needed actually. This shell work with jquery.
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm a beginner in CSS, HTML and Java Script/jQuery. I actually do not code, but i found a solutiuon for my problem with a simple CSS animation. I did not know, that the @keyframes animation still has some difficult stuff. I know they are hardcoded, but i need the help of jquery for dynamic change of the keyframes-selector. I have searched several threads for my problem. Some do sound similar to my, but i just can not apply it into my code, it does not work. I am trying to code dynamic keyframes with jquery. I got the following code below in a code snippet. It doe
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