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  1. I'm adding onto a program that takes logged data and plots it. To format the new data I'm working with, I copied a bit of another sub that was formatting a different set of data. I edited it down so that it would work with the new data and when I ran it, I got a run time error "1004" with the AutoFill function. The old formatting sub Sub FormatZ2Array() Dim LastRow As Long Worksheets("RawZn2Temp").Activate Range("A1").EntireRow.Insert LastRow = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.count Range("A1").Value = "Date" Range("B1").Value
  2. I'll give it a try and see how it goes
  3. Ignore what I previously had, I just thought of an Idea and I wanted to check with you. The main idea of what I'm doing is adding to the css system that was in there before I started working on it. Can I set up input/ oninput to call the function if the "not" logical operator was used. like <input [[175]]!=0 oninput function()> then use the document.getElementById(b[[141]]).style.backgroundColor = "(insert color)" in the script. That way for Id's b0-b100, the background is that color when [[175]] != 0. Otherwise the program stays its current course.
  4. [[175]] is a value being pulled from Red Lion crimson 3 with a default value of zero, that changes depending on user input. Now if I used it in the call statement <input id="[[175]]" oninput="PivaticStopTime();> will this call the function or am I misunderstanding input and oninput?
  5. I'm trying to create a script that contains an if/else statement that uses an outside input to change the color of a box in the html file. Currently I am not seeing any changes, so right now I'm checking if the script is even being noticed and ran. I'll admit that I'm not very good at this, so I apologize if these are really simple problems to fix or that they've been fixed before and I missed it when searching for other posts. If it's the latter, could you send me a link. Placement: Currently the script is inside the a style tag, and both are outside the body. Should I not have it in the
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