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  1. Hi again!I thank you so much for your reply!I must admit though, that I am not sure on HOW to actually add the connection towards the Active Directory?Thank you so much in advance!Sincerely, Andreas
  2. Hi all!I guess I am posting in the right forum.I have a form on my webpage.There are several radiobuttons on the page.I have by default set my SUBMIT button to disabled.Now, how do I code a javascript that changes the status from DISABLED to ENABLED for my SUBMIT button once a RADIOBUTTON is choosen?Thankful for any kind of help!Sincerely, Andreas
  3. I thank you so much guys for your replies!I will check them out and see what I can do with them.justsomeguy, as I read the code you have pasted, it is used to verify if the username exist by also providing a password. Almost as a "login" scenario if I understand it?What I am after, is to be able to search the whole Active Directory after a specific UserID (UserAccount) or perhaps search for a e-mail address. And depending on a hit or not, a response will be taken based on that feedback.Thanks again!--Andreas
  4. Hi all!I am about to create a ASP webpage where people are about to request for UserAccounts in a Active Directory Domain. I would like to performe a lookup if the UserAccount already exists in the AD.Does anyone know how I could performe this with ASP?Thankful to any kind of help or reference.Best regards,Andreas
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    I want to access specific data from the XML file but it doesn't seem to work...
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    Hi!I'm very new to XML so please bare with me.I have an XML file which has been autogenerated with a program called nmap (ie. used for scanning vounerability on your network).Now, I've read and tried the page where you can BIND XML and create the selected contents in a TABLE to be outputted on a HTML page.Now, I tried the same with the XML file that had been generated with nmap, but I see that there seems to be a problem and I believe it has to do with that the fieldnames contain spaces. I have pasted below a short example from the XML file for you to review. <host><status state="up"
  7. Please have a look at the site at http://www.revymakarna.se/v2 and see it. Hopefully you have FirFox installed and then able to view how "wierd" it acts!I'm thankful for any kind of tips!--Andreas
  8. Hi there!I thank you for your help, but unfortunately it didn't solve my problem!I was informed that some browers doesn't print the "DIV-tag" if there is no content in the DIV, but I've filled the DIV's with text without any better results anyhow.Anyone else got any suggestions?Thanks!!-Andreas
  9. Hi all you CSS Gurus!I need help, becuase I can not find WHERE I'm going wrong!I have created a webpage (see theWebpage) where the whole page is designed using the DIV-tag and the positioning.Now, to my issue. In Internet Explorer everything looks just GREAT!But when viewing the page with FireFox, some of the backgrounds in some of the DIV's wont show up!I think and think what can be wrong, and now I'm looking for your help, who view the inserts on this FORUM.I have verified the CSS code with W3C CSS Validation page and it appeared to be OK!This is how my CSS skript looks like: /* THIS IS THE
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