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  1. I have a field called subjects and the data looks like this ALJ Diane Davis - WCF I am trying to get all the data to left of the "-" I am using Advantage SQL which I am new too. IF i was using T-SQL i would be using something like this: left(appts.subject,charindex('-',appts.subject) Thanks in advance
  2. I am converting an access query that updates fields from ALL CAPS to Basically normal First Letter Capital, rest lower case. In access ive used strconv Ive havent found a similar function in advantage sql db. Ive found upper and lcase, but those dont seem to work for me. StrConv([City],3) An import process brings in all caps to a field called City. So City Comes in as CHICAGO, my end result would be Chicago, and this works in access using strconv,3
  3. Im new to Advantage SQL. Our CRM system uses it. Not a fan of it but have to live with it. Im trying to pull a date out of a datetime field and im struggling. this is what im using and im getting errors. Normally in TSQL id use cast/convert or something to accomplish this. select CAST(created as date) from matrstep poQuery: Error 7200: AQE Error: State = S0000; NativeError = 2159; [SAP][Advantage SQL Engine]Invalid argument to scalar function: CAST - unrecognized data type: date. -- Location of error in the SQL statement is: 8
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