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    Exists operator

    Hi, I am slowly making my way through the SQL tutorial and have got a bit stuck on the exists tutorials. This is one of the examples, but I do not understand why they have used SELECT ProductName. SELECT supplierid, SupplierName FROM Suppliers WHERE EXISTS (SELECT ProductName FROM Products WHERE SupplierId = Suppliers.supplierId AND Price < 20); When running SQL it provides 2 columns, supplier ID and Supplier Name as per the 1st line. I have replaced ProductName with * and get the same results, is it a best practice thing, or have I been getting worked up over not
  2. Hi, I am using your tutorials because I currently have no SQL experience. I have just got to your SQL Update tutorial and updated all the contact names to Juan. You have asked that i restore the database, however have not told me how to restore it, I have tried typing in restore and after looking on google tried Roll Back, but I must be missing a command because neither of these is resetting the database. Any help restoring the database would be much appreciated. Many thanks Jim
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