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  1. try to add all images in that imageContainer class div,do not create new div every time.
  2. here is an example with full detail, please take a look:https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_slideshow.asp
  3. try this: $( "#datepicker" ).datepicker({ minDate: Today});
  4. You can also archive this by removing that display css property.
  5. may be its their site's bug or just check if you have added space or something else because that area will allow only 7 letters
  6. You can use it like this: window.open('https://www.w3schools.com', '_blank');
  7. Its should be working fine ,please recheck you have targeted right ID everytime,if this doesn't solve your problem please provide your code so other's can take a look and find what's wrong.
  8. add parameter in your onClick call like '().'
  9. Try to make sure you have called right event on every position like onMouseUp, onMouseDown. Recheck your code ,if it doesn't solve it please provide your code so others can take a decent look into your problem.
  10. try this: <form> <select name="list" id="list" accesskey="target"> <option value='none' selected>Choose a theme</option> <option value="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Delhi">New Delhi</option> <option value="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gujarat">Gujarat</option> <option value="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Delhi">New delhi</option> </select> <input type=button value="Go" onclick="goToNewPage()" /> </form> and JS file: function goToNewPage() { var url = document.getElementById('list').value; if(url != 'none') { window.location = url; } }
  11. you can simply apply js for that switch button for targeting image properties ,like "Show" and "Hide".
  12. You can only apply one link per one card, there is no way you can use multiple links for single card, at least that I know of
  13. This might help you: .imageClass:hover{ background:url("anotherImageUrl") no-repeat; }
  14. you can manually find error in css file by check which section is not working Or you can use this website to find syntax error in css file:http://beautifytools.com/css-validator.php For js you can use in firefox.
  15. May be this will help you: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11360090/how-to-trigger-google-maps-weather-layer-marker-click
  16. If you use Google Chrome and want to turn off video autoplay — you can’t. There used to be an experimental command-line flag that allowed you to turn them off (you can find the flags by typing chrome://flags/ into Chrome’s address field), but it’s disappeared. Microsoft’s Edge browser, which is also based on the Chromium open-source design, does let you turn off — well, at least, limit — video autoplay: Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Settings.” In the left-hand column, click on “Site Permissions,” and then scroll down to and select “Media autoplay.” You can either allow audio and video to play automatically or limit it. According to the instructions, whether autoplay will work or not will depend on “how you’ve visited the page and whether you interacted with media in the past.” Firefox has a similar feature that lets you turn off autoplay, for the most part. Click on the three lines in the upper right corner of the browser and select “Preferences.” In the left-hand column, click on “Privacy & Security.” Scroll down to the section headed “Permissions” and look for “Autoplay.” Click on the button marked “Settings.” A drop-down menu will let you allow audio and video, block audio, or block audio and video. You can also specify sites that you want to differ from your defaults — for example, if you block audio and video as a default, but you want to allow it for, say, The Verge. Safari makes it simple to disable autoplay. In fact, it assumes that you want the feature disabled to begin with. However, if it hasn’t been disabled — or if you want to make some exceptions to the rule — here’s what you do: While in the app, go to Safari > Preferences in the top menu. Click on “Websites” in the top menu. Look for and select “Auto-Play” in the side menu. Look for the drop-down menu at the bottom right of the window and select “Never Auto-Play.” As with Firefox, you can whitelist any sites that you want to be an exception to the rule.
  17. Normal reload The same thing as pressing 'F5'. This will use the cache but revalidate everything during page load, looking for "304 Not Modified" responses. If the browser can avoid re-downloading cached JavaScript files, images, text files, etc. then it will. Hard reload Don't use anything in the cache when making the request. (which is equal to SHIFT+F5 No need to open Developer console) Force the browser do re-download every JavaScript file, image, text file, etc
  18. You can apply css property for that.like margin-left
  19. TypeScript compiler will check the type to surface more typing errors at compiling time. A practical example is if we use the wrong data type in the browser beacon, we now get compiling errors. Before migrating to Typescript, they could only be found by testing against the back-end. for example: var name: string; name = 2; // type error, assign a number to a string type variable function foo(value: number) {} foo(''); // type error, use a number as a string type parameter interface Bar { setName: (name: string) => void; getName: () => string; } var bar: Bar = { getName: function() { return 'myName'; } } // type error,
  20. By default you can set that X property for display:none And now you can nwritejs for onChange event of that text area function onChange (){ if(document.getElementById("field").value != '') { document.getElementById("X").style.display =""; } }
  21. I would like to add one more thing ,always put your custom css link after bootstrap
  22. You can use bootstrap container like <div class="row"> <div class="col-3"> your contain </div> </div>
  23. Here is the detailed example of what you are looking for:https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_slideshow.asp
  24. Just a little idea: you will have to save total number of chanting in database and update it every time when some one do chanting.you will have to use a back-end language for that.
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